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    I got some pull-ups and they are a little too small, the thing is i took them from my little brothers room and these are the only size he has. Im pretty big and i dont really fit in them, so i was wondering is there a way i can make it somehow bigger so i can fit in it? Thanks

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    I would just use them as stuffers for larger diapers, I guess if you ripped the sides and used tape instead, but I don't think that would work

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    Are Pull-Ups the largest Huggies product other than Goodnites?

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    Having once been a TB in my youth I know what you are troubled about. I think my best answer is, try saving up for your own. There is AB Universe, Bambinos and I believe Depends makes a pull-up (if it has to be a pull-up). I used to "steal" diapers when I was a young child 4-6 yrs old. By my teen years I was buying my size at Walgreens.

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    Yeah your age says you are 21 you should be able to afford and get your own real diapers by now.

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    I provided a method on this thread for modding small Pull-Ups. (Sorry--phone wouldn't let me copy the image URL.) Regarding size: 4T/5T Pull-Ups are smaller than size 6 Huggies diapers in terms of rise, and Huggies are universally smaller than size 6/7 Pampers, so Pull-Ups are way down there.

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    With pull ups I like to use the velcro sides to put 2 on; take the back of one and attach it to the front of the other. It won't absorb well, and doesn't feel right in the middle, but when you wear pants over them they poke over the waistband perfectly. You could also just go out and buy your own diapers from a store. It is likely that goodnites will fit pretty well or there are adult diapers.

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    well if you're looking at wearing them now, and dont have anything else, you could rip them open at the sides, and wear them inside a pair of briefs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear View Post
    Yeah your age says you are 21 you should be able to afford and get your own real diapers by now.
    This ^^

    Unless you're talking to me >_>

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