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Thread: Hiya all ^^ Mostly new to the site

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    Default Hiya all ^^ Mostly new to the site

    Well, I've been to the site way back when but never really stayed active. But now I'm in college going to be liscenced to be a High School Math teacher. Aside from that I also am an avid writer of fantasy stories and sometimes realistic fiction. I also play Bass guitar for a number of bands, usually some type of metal. I am a big metal-head and do growl vocals for some of the bands as well.
    As for why I'm here, I mostly just wanna get to know more people. I've met some awesome ABDL's online and even a couple offline, and just love getting to know them, whether it be our common interest or music or otherwise.
    I'm a very friendly person, though I can be quite shy. But hopefully this site will get me over that, and look forward to talking to you all ^^

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    Welcome! As a fellow metalhead, I'd like to point you to our metal group on ADISC (which sadly hasn't seen much activity lately). What kinds of metal are you into, and what are some of your favorite metal bands?

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    This question is always tough for me to answer :P I'd have to go with my favorite kind being Melodic Death Metal, but my tastes can be anywhere from Melodeath to Power, Symphonic, Prog, Heavy, Thrash, I'm pretty much into all of it ^^

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    That sounds pretty much like what I'm into, minus the thrash (I'm not a fan of that for some reason). I listed a bunch of my favorite bands on this thread (scroll down to the bottom).

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