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Thread: just lost it.

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    Default just lost it.

    I was cross dressing and in diapers and I decided to masturbate and right after I climaxed I just lost the feeling completely. Right now it feels like I want to give up my AB/DL/sissy side completely. I really don't know what this feeling is I never had it before. It makes me sit down and re-evaluate my life.

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    That usually happens to me when I masterbate, the next day though I'll be back to normal. Though some times if I leave the diaper on I can get back into the mood after about 20 minutes.

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    As the years are flying, this feeling is coming down. I had the same, with 13 - 20 I was thinking that I can leave it, I tryed to stop (I don't know how many times,) but always I returned to my AB. So what ? There's not escape. But exists other option: Enjoy.

    Sometimes I have to stop, but I know it's temporal, because later my AB calls: Hey, I'm here, alone, I want... Usualy it hapens when I'm tired of my AB, which doesn't mean thigns like a shame or something like this. I give a rest to my AB. Periods without AB are a few weeks, but with AB switched on I'm more time than without (months vs. weeks.)

    Note: I'm not 24/7

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    That's just hormones going crazy after you orgasim it's normal and you shouldn't let it get to you.

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    It's very common don't worry. The feeling comes back to me after about 2 hours. Lots of people here have the same problem.

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    That probably just means it's got a sexual attachment to you. AB to me really isn't that sexual, so not much changes after that, but some people almost lose it completely afterwards

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    This is sort of why I have been trying to distance sex and diapers from each other. I don't like the feeling of wanting to purge that comes right afterwards.

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    I have the same feeling whenever I get done masturbating. Almost a feeling of shame even though I know I have no reason to be. It goes away though.

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    This even happens to me. I have learned to pace myself so I can keep the high feeling of wanting to be in diapers and feeling little. I now go all week without masturbating and wait until maybe the end of the weekend to achieve the grand culmination. I tend to have little desire until Wednesday, and then the cycle starts all over. It just part of the cycle of diaper loving. (cue Lion King theme music)

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    this happens to me a lot(after having sex or just random...), i try to put my AB/BF feelings away to operate normal in real life, and sometimes i get so depressed that i dont regress for two weeks,and then when i'm behind my computer and i get confronted with furry of baby stuff and i burst out in tears!
    i really agree with my BF side but sometimes it's depressing, i want to be like a kid again but it isnt possible so i pretend....
    sorry for the crappy english but i'm a bit emotional now....

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