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Thread: Furry origins?

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    Default Furry origins?

    I myself am not a furry but I was wondering how you guys might have first realized that you were a furry/babyfur. There's a thread like this in the TB forum so I figured, why not post one for the furs?

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    All my life I've sort of had an obsession with dogs. Everytime I see a dog I smile and I always looked forward to televised dog shows. At around the age of three, I started to have dreams in which I was a husky. I'd be playing fetch, going on walks, or just hanging around in my owner's house. This led me to start to want to be a dog. I'd fantasize about transforming into one and living the rest of my days as a husky. During this whole time I had those desires to wear diapers that all of us have experienced.

    A couple years later, I was browsing the Internet for a school project when I came across infantilism. I realized I was one of these so-called AB/DLs, but I was ashamed of it. Through my research, I found the little term Babyfur and then I found the furry fandom. I instantly knew that I was one of these people and I didn't associate any shame with it. I spent two years going about my furry ways when I discovered Babyfur art, and I was sucked back in.

    It took me awhile to accept it as part of me, bit I eventually did and I joined ADISC. That's where I'm at today

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    well... I've loved all the animals since I was little (except bugs D=, also monkeys scare me Dx but I'm cool with them =P) and in my early adolescence I started to relate to cats, like I was half cat but I never knew about furries. Oh! obviously I loved all the cartoons/movies that involved animal characters and still do x).

    Anyway, I knew furries because of the internet of course- and lurked around galleries and some sites, but never joined one. I joined ADISC and saw that there was that BabyFur option x) and I said, hey why not? and some months later I decided to make some requests thread D= and now I'm... kinda obsessed to draw baby/diaper furs to the point my hand is breaking lol XD.

    Hehe I'm still new to this world I have to say, but x) I'm feeling very comfortable in it-

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    Like Nieve, I'm still new...

    My story is more about cats/allergies than anything else.

    From the time I was born until about 6, I was really sick, had allergies (although we didn't know to what extent for a while), and had never been able to touch an animal (other than humans... Yes, we're animals too) without breaking out. Eventually, I had my tonsils removed which helped with the sickness (Fact: I almost failed kindergarten because of how often I was sick). I still got runny noses, itchy eyes, hives, etc. often and was told I probably had allergies (I wasn't tested for anything until I was almost 8) and couldn't even be in the same room as a cat. Dogs were different; I could touch some, but most of the time I broke out in hives. There was one exception to this... My grandma's cat, Casey.

    I was at my grandma's one day, like I was most days at the time, and Casey came out of her hiding place. There wasn't ever any fur around while we (my sister and I) were at our grandma's house so I wouldn't break out, but it apparently didn't matter. When Casey came out, I had absolutely no reaction. Nothing bad happened, so I pet her... Nothing... It was the weirdest thing that had ever happened to me. I was able to pet a cat without any kind of reaction. Casey was an indoor cat, but I still have small reactions to my cats today and they're indoor cats. I don't know why I was able to pet Caset, but I was. Because of Casey being the only animal I could touch, I had a very good connection with her... Until she died. I was crushed when she died and can't even think about it today without crying.

    Eventually, I started getting allergy shots, which lasted for about 7 years. Now, I can be around cats and dogs with very little reaction (maybe a sneeze once in a while, but most sneezes are caused by pollen now). I have 2 cats and 2 dogs now, but nothing compares with the connection I had with Casey.

    I became a furry soon after finding out about them on this site because it reminded me about Casey. I had to pick a cat for my fursona because of Casey, so I chose to be a snow leopard (a big cat that meows) because they're so cute. Snow leopards have nothing to do with Casey, but they're still cats.

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    I've flirted with being a furry for quite sometime. I use to cosplay as an "anthro cat guy" at anime conventions. I strangely feel more comfortable expressing my DLism through a fursona or reading erotic fiction with only anthro characters.

    Though my avatar is not specifically me, my fursona is a deer. They are travelers and spirits of the forest and I relate to them in this way being someone very in tune with nature.

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