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Thread: why am i here

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    Default why am i here

    not sure really,,, i am on second life mostly..

    imma princess on there,, i even have my own unicorn i ride

    its fun

    apart from that i wander here and there and everywhere.

    anyway i changed my rl name to princess also,,

    anyways,,, was getting nostalgic,, and was looking round old places and everyone i knew seems to have dissapeared into the ether of time or somfing or they all saw me coming..giggle...prolly

    ok,, i dont usaly write grown up but ams making a try of its,,

    i started out on dpf years ago ,, with my fairys ,, all 147 of them.. was some cool babys and mommys on there,,was lots of fun but it seems to be deserted now,,, maybe its too antique,,, and theres places like second life and stuff.. anyway some mean peopel came and i think also everyone left,,cos of the mean people prolly

    so,,,yes,, nostaglia.. isnt what it used to be

    just wandering round a bit looking into old places visitd and seeing if anyone i knew is still about

    hugs an fairy kisses

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    *giggle* i seen two people i knew allready

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    Welcome to ADISC, I hope that you find the site informative and helpful :-)

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    Welcome, hope you enjoy yourself here and make new friends aswell as old

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