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    When I was a kid, all lunch boxes were hard plastic. I remember having great Aladdin and Barbie ones, but I cant find platstic ones anymore. Does anyone know where, or it I can, get one? I know that you can find kiddie lunch boxes all the time, but they are soft plastic, not the hard plastic. It seems to me that all lunch boxes and even coolers are going to this soft plastic/ cloth material. I want the lunch boxes of my childhood!

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    As i understand it i believe they no longer produce these hard plastic boxes of our youth TeddyBearGirl =( ,I think they went the way of the old tin boxes our parents would talk about , ... i hope someone saved yours (my grandma has 3 or 4 of mine that i need to get back one day =D), but simply due to the environmental impact and the danger of use as a weapon by kids (? O_o do they really think kids are vicious violent people?) i think they stopped making them instead going with the soft stuff, esp since it insulates as well, where as the boxes did not... but the pictures and matching thermos was SO AWESOME !

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    None of mine were saved I had an awesome blue Aladin one that was all blue and sparkily....I carried it to kindergarten with me....I'm sad I cant find something similar

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    Awhhh, try ebay hun i believe some people are actually collecting/trading/selling these things now...

    As for me i remember i had a fire truck red Power Rangers box i took to Kindergarten that ended up holding legos for me last i remember.

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    Thanks for the advice....i went on e-bay to look. Not only did they have a good selection, they had my exact blue sparkly Aladdin one from elementary school! My husband bought it for my secretly and it arrived today! Excited

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    You can find them new at some websites. The website has a couple, has some, and you can find them on amazon, too. They don't keep your lunch as cold as the insulated kind, though.

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    I miss those hard plastic old lunch boxes, I spotted one in a charity shop just the other day but didn't buy it, unfortunately it was gone when I went back.

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    In Highschool I was able to find a red "Aladdin brand " Sesame Street one with the thermos !!! And totally took it to lunch as a Freshman and Junior ! But I don't remember whatever happened to it!

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    If you do manage to find some of those old lunch boxes keepem because they are worth money to collectors

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