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Thread: Interesting furry art

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    Default Interesting furry art

    Granted most of it isn't furry-related, but there are some interesting gems in there. It's worth a look:

    The Art of Jake Parker

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    Uh, I did say most weren't. Look around a bit, there are some there. I can't link to them either, because it's all in-browser.

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    It's not furry but I am inspired.

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    On the contrary there are a few anthro drawings in the illustration segment featuring mice characters.

    Doesn't do anything for me personally!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Does that include Bugs Bunny?
    Everyone has their own definition for what a furry is. Mine is a person interested in things that deal with the furry fandom through a furry perspective.


    A furry is a person who recognizes an anthropomorphic animal as appealing and cool.

    However, a child who watches Looney Toons and other shows with anthropomorphic animals in them is not a furry.

    Hard to explain really.

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