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Thread: Wisdom teeth

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    Default Wisdom teeth

    I notice how most people talk about getting their wisdom teeth removed and I think about how mine feel perfectly normal and I can't help wondering this:

    How can you tell if your mouth is big enough for your wisdom teeth?

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    Not to be too much of a smart alec.. but by consulting a dentist ;p

    In my case, 3 were "impacted" .. which is medical jargon for "sideways". The only way to know they were even there was on an x-ray.

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    It's not a question of whether you mouth is big enough, but rather, is it too small to accommodate your wisdom teeth, and here's how you tell. They hurt like hell. When I reached that point, where the wisdom teeth were coming in, thus demanding more space, the pain was at times, unbearable. I couldn't even eat a soft tuna fish sandwich. Once that happened, I made an appointment with a specialist who pulls teeth, and there's an interesting story.

    He put me in his chair and gave me sodium pentathol. While under, they injected me with Novocaine so I wouldn't feel anything when I came to. When I became conscious, not feeling any pain, I said, "Oh, they must have come out easily." He said, "Look at the ceiling," which I did. It was covered with blood. He had to pull that hard.

    If it makes you feel any better, I had a very easy, and almost painless recovery. I slept the first day, but by dinner time, I was having some soup. I went to work the next day, and since I was a music director, I was even singing with my children's choir. I was back to eating soft, but normal food. Things healed as they should and I was fine. If you have to have yours out, I hope you do as well as I did.

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    Normally when you're an older teenager, the dentist will tell you if you need to have them out. Most people do, and it is a very painful experience. Better to do it before they cause damage to your other teeth, knock them all out of alignment, or worse, get infected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoundCoder View Post
    Not to be too much of a smart alec.. but by consulting a dentist ;p
    Smart Alec or not- QFT

    Its pretty much the only way. You cannot judge it yourself.

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    A couple of mine came in virtually unnoticed on either side of the top row, but there is still potential for two more on the bottom row (which I'm a bit worried about).

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    Often times, wisdom teeth will develop at odd angles, too. In that case, the first warning you'll get will be an x-ray and your dentist saying, "We'll have to remove these at some point." (Before they've even surfaced.)

    I just had all four of mine removed... at the tender age of 36! They'd all come in straight, though a few other teeth had shifted slightly in the process. That alone wasn't enough justification to remove them, but when I finally ended up with a cavity back there, the order came down.

    Fortunately, it was a very quick and painless procedure. I'd swear it lasted only a few seconds! (I was put completely under.) The bleeding afterwards was fairly intense, but the pain was minimal. Within a couple of days, the only annoyance was getting bits of food stuck in the holes, and now they're almost completely closed up.

    If you were in the Seattle area, I'd have an oral surgeon recommendation for you!

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    Mine were pulled because they found they were going to come in impacted (I can't remember if it was all or some). I feel the same as Cottontail, It didn't seem like it was that long (likely due to being under), with the worst part being the bleeding for the first 24 hours or so, and how horrible waking up after being put under feels xD. After that, it was just annoying with some of the food restrictions and having to be careful standing up for a couple days (I almost caused myself to faint once, completely forgetting that).

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    i had no end of problems with my wisdom teeth ended up losing 8 teeth in total 4 wisdom 4 molars because of the way they came through, reason it was so bad was that I didnt have any pain till it too late and the damage had been done still think my dentist owes me an apology for not spotting it sooner

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    i had some out when i was quite young (i had scarring on the inside of my cheeks for years after - must've been from some contraption they used to keep my gob open), but i've always had problems with my teeth (not entirely due to tot-tots, before you start) and my lower set are as crooked as a tony blair because my skeletal structure stopped growing properly before my second teeth had all come through; the later wisdom teeth only made things worse.
    after some recentish botched dentistry, i had some more out (got more gaps than the big bang theory ) and now the lower set are all settling down, albeit crookedly.

    personally, i blame the mods.

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