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Thread: possibly found the cause of my incontinence

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    Default possibly found the cause of my incontinence

    ct scans on spins says

    According to G.P I have a disc protrusion L5/S1 and degenerative spine disease which has progress over the past 2 years. Urologist dont find anything wrong with bladder but dont know how the back effects it.
    It was caused by the injury 3 years a go when the incontinence started

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    It is probably good news that there is nothing wrong with the bladder - I hope you see it like that anyway because if it is nerve damage from the injury it is less likely to be something that turns into serious illness. People with Diabetes can develop incontinence because of nerve damage and although it it difficult to diagnose there are things that can help - so I hope you get the right neurological or other specialist assistance that can help you understand what is going on.

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    That certainly sounds good that there's nothing wrong with your bladder and that the problem was identified. Now that you (and your docs) have an idea of what the damage is, you can begin taking measures to fix it or stop it from getting worse.

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