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    Smile personal issue seeking advice

    Ok I have an issue that i could use some advice on.. It's a pretty big life altering decision. So getting advice on this.. Well for those that frequent the IRC know i'm a sissy. My dilema is this. I enjoy wearing womens clothes.. I would wear them all the time if i had the self confidence to do so. A few years back I had thought about going through the whole SRS process. I had done the research and I had been sitting on the decision of whether or not to go ahead with the procedure and start living as a woman full time. Well it's a current day and my roommate has said several times that if I were to go and get a sex change he would have no problem dating me. Which makes me think.

    Do I go ahead and start living as a woman full time since my psychiatrist seems to be on board.. He's mentioned that he would want me to live completely as a woman for a month or so before he would even think about starting that long process. It's about a two year process to complete the full transformation.

    I have thought about this for several years. I keep coming to the decision that it would have to take some long thought about if it's what i really want in life. Or if crossdressing is really enough. I mean I can get everything I would need to even try passing as a woman. I already plan to invest in breast forms and crossdresser clothes. I mean will it be worth it to spend the 12K to get the transformation or will dressing as a woman on a daily basis be enough. If anyone has any suggestions as to what I could do or if they have any questions feel free to ask. I will give the best honest answer I can give. So I hope people ask questions and give any advice they could give.


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    I'm sorry it's been 3 hours and no one has responded. My guess is that no one can really answer this for you. You know yourself better than any of us. This is such a life changing experience that none of us want to risk saying the wrong thing. Since you have a doctor you are consulting, let him/her help you make this decision.

    There are several thoughts which come to mind. Will your boyfriend really be alright with this? This would be a big change for him. I know when I lived with my boyfriend, not to sound to crass, but I rather liked having another male member to play with. That of course would change. That brings up my second question. Can you live with your body changing radically, especially parting with your penis. I would not want to do that, but then, I'm not you and I don't share the same desires.

    I'm sure you have more thinking to do. Try to imagine yourself with a female body, and all that means. If the idea excites you and makes you happy, then maybe that is the way to go. Only you will and can know. Good luck.

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    Sounds to me like you don't have enough data to make a decision since you've only indulged in one side of the equation. Until you try the 24/7, you don't really have anything to base your decision on. You know what it's like to crossdress and you know how that makes you feel, but you have nothing to go on for the other side of the equation. I think the only way you are really going to know if it's what you want is to try it for a few days or weeks... and I mean full out. Lock up all your guy things and go for it. After that you will have a full set of data on both sides and therefore be able to make a fully informed decision on what you really want for your life!

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    BabyJessi your right i don't have much information to go on. I just know how it makes me feel. Dogboy I have imagined myself in a totally feminine body and it excites the heck out of me. I love the way it makes me feel and I love the thoughts that come to mind. See i don't think I'd have an issue with parting with my male gentalia. I don't really think I would. For me to live 24/7 as a woman would take some serious thought as to where i would want to explore it for a set period of time. I had planned to lock up all my male clothes at some point. But there aren't many places around me that people don't know who i am. Plus I'd want to make a feminine ID so if i went somewhere that required one I had one. BabyJessi, I'd want to be sure I had everything i need to attempt to pass as a woman before I went out as one everyday. It's a matter of self confidence that doing that comes down to. I'm also to opinionated which can be a bad thing. I also care to much what people think and that hinders my ability to think for myself. Yes I have a doctor who may be on board. He wants me to live as a woman everyday for a month before he would consider even thinking about starting that process. He even said it's a long process and takes lots of thinking to make sure it's what I want to do. About my boyfriend. he's not really my boyfriend right now.. he's just my roommate who's a really good supportive friend that has said he wouldn't mind dating a transgender. Which had me thinking for quite some time the other night. I had jotted down the thought so I could get back to what i was doing. So BabyJessi, dogboy.. You both give some good things to think about.. BTW dogboy.. in all my threads it takes several hours to get a reply and usually it's only a few people that take the time to reply to my threads.

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    Sissyboi, you wrote to me asking how close I lived to you. I have reached the status on this website to be able to send private messages to you. It says I can only respond directly to your PM. I tried to post my email address to you in a posting, but found out that was not allowed on the site (my bad.) Can you PM me?

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    Hi there Sissyboi.....

    i just ran across your post asking for help. i am a m2f post-op living in washington state. i got the cut in 91 and i hafe helped many of my sisters get their's as well. and i have helped i few make the choice to live as girls and keep their equipment as is. yes, it is a damn big choice that will cost a lot more than $12,000 in the end. and if you want to talk or ask questions or anything at all, i will be here for you how ever i can. just tell me how. but please please please stay in school. that is the MOST important of all the things that you can do.....

    contact me any way you wish any time you wish....

    big big hug;
    lodge wrecker......

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