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Thread: How many miss diapers???

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    Default How many miss diapers???

    Sorry for the pics posted, this is a good question!!

    As I prepare for bedtime, putting on my extra thick cloth diaper, I wonder how many people wish they had a diaper on and how many people don't realize how wearing diapers might help them. I am glad that I started wearing full time in 1982, to help with a mental issue. I have been told by people who know me that I am much more relaxed wearing my diapers.

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    I think this pretty much... uh, applies to 99% of people on this forum.

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    I'm sure there are a ton of people on this forum that wish that they had diapers right now. However I have a few left, so I'm content.

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    I am not talking about people here, I am referring to everyone else in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manveru View Post
    Why do you have 2 threads?
    I was wondering this too... I guess some people take longer to get the message than others.

    On Topic: I highly doubt many people "miss" diapers on a regular basis... there is just too much negative stigma associated with them to be any good.

    However... you did mention switching to 24/7 to help with a "mental issue"... could you clarify?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manveru View Post
    Why do you have 2 threads?

    The other was locked for...Reasons

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    My diapers are there anytime I want them, this week I didn't feel like useing any, but by next week who knows, I may wear everyday or all the time.

    I keep a few packs on hand all the time, and get more eveytime I go shopping, you can never have too many diapers, can you.

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