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    Ive been having a bit of a personal revalation the last year or so. I dont know wtf happened to me since high school. I've become completely and utterly withdrawn and uninterested in making any real effort to meet people. It certainly doesnt help that where i live its populated by redneck hicks that want to do nothing but drink, do drugs and f*** anything that moves. That certainly isnt my scene. This is a bit of a life story but...when I was in school I obviously was in an environment where I had to find a place or face 4 years of suffering at the hands of bullies, as I had done the previous 8 years of my life. Once...I only had to stand up for myself once. And i was left alone after that. Should rephrase that, my peers gravitated towards me. Now between then and now it has somehow become IMMPOSIBLE for me to have more then a casual relationship with anyone, and I've also alienate some of the people I've known. Its like, now that I've moved, everyone else has moved on. And I dont even know where to start, as far as making new connections. I have one person I know that I can call a true friend...someone I've met on here, someone who I can share anything with. And I am gratefull to the bottom of my heart to know them. But there is noone here my age, as I've stated, in this miserable hellhole of an area I live, that wants to do something other then drink themselves into a stupor every weekend...its frustrating and wearing....sorry to rant guys but idk where else to go to say anything, where there are people I at least have SOMETHING in common with.

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    Cannonball88 you pretty much summed up how I feel & have been feeling for the past few years. I know 110% where you're coming from. For me I've come to realize & accept that I'm not happy, in the least bit (or at least I wasn't) I was/am so unhappy with myself that I cant' accept, or should say I can't understand how someone can take me for me when I can't take me. I'm trying to be a little more grateful & thankful every day and it's helping but the first step is to be happy with you and the rest will come.

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    Idk what to even feel about myself anymore...I never even had the chance to figure myself out. Idk who I am. Idk where to start. Whats there to be happy about myself with? I'm completely empty. I can thank my upbringing for it. My brother dealt with it by letting his anger at the way we grew up boil over. He moved out when he was 15 and has had longer to find himself. I moved out 2 years ago as a blank slate. Everything I was raised to believe means nothing to me anymore and hasnt since my last year of school. Your right that I need to be happy with me but...idk what "me" even is >_>

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