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Thread: Clothing suppliers in the UK?

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    Default Clothing suppliers in the UK?


    I'm thinking of ordering some AB clothes for the first time (guess I'll start with a onesie and a pacie and see how I get on, unless anyone has any better suggestions as to where to start??)

    Anyway, I was wondering if anyone can recommend any UK suppliers? I've ordered nappies from Cuddlz before and I know they do clothes too, but are they any good?


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    Not sure if Primark still do but they did sell some footy pajamas for about 10-30.

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    Hi there,

    Cuddlz sizing of clothes is really poor and the quality is a bit shoddy; I wouldn't recommend buying from them.

    The problem with most UK suppliers is they are frighteningly expensive. I have found it much cheaper to get my onesies from (who are fast, very high quality and cheap) and plastic pants from places like I haven't got anything from them in a while, but used to be brilliant quality and much cheaper than getting custom made baby clothes in the UK.

    Hope this helps.


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    I can recommend Cosy and Dry onsies they are a good quality and a great fit and some are in the sale .You do have to pay for quality CnD are good on both.Only had the onsies from them

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    Thanks guys - They look like good suppliers - Will make a note of them for future reference!

    Already have a load of stuff on the way from cuddlz (couldn't wait lol). hopefully I'll get lucky with the sizing!
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    I agree with Davey the uk AB Market is a right rip off! especially for the taller/larger people out there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDavy View Post
    Cuddlz sizing of clothes is really poor and the quality is a bit shoddy; I wouldn't recommend buying from them
    damn i just ordered from them :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shtu123 View Post
    damn i just ordered from them :/
    I can't agree with LittleDavy

    Continuing the thread from a couple of weeks ago, I brought a onesie and some PJs from cuddlz. They got the sizing bang on with the guides on the site (and I'm on the large side!) and the material is OK (nice warm fleece on the onesie) and stitching & elasticated cuffs are neatly made. Would happily order again.

    Both items were marked as being "new" to the website and were apparently "made to order" which took an extra few days. Perhaps the standard plain ones are not as good?

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    ok I have ordered from Cosy n Dry - Adult Baby Clothing, Adult Babywear, Ageplay Products and Much More I found their products great I have 2 sleepers and a romper from there. Also fleece sleeper never any problems and reasonable too. I have never tried cuddlz before and would probably try with a small order 1st to be on safe side. However I do not recommend BigBabyFun - ABDL I found although clothing wasn't bad some of it took forever to arrive after many promises and assurances. They don't seem to have a great selection anymore and also affiliated to drylife. Hope this helps

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    Kimberly's secret is in that neck of the woods, she specializes, in mostly sissy AB stuff satin/silk onesies and what not, I source my stuff globally as I have about 5-6,000USD a year for ab stuff, and through all dealing I can say Dianne the owner of Kimberly's secret is one of the best shops I have run into
    kimberlysecret | eBay

    ADULT BABES BY JO - he is only good if you are in the UK international can be troublesome with him, but he has some good things ADULT BABY SISSY DRESSES items in ADULT BABES BY JO store on eBay!

    Mike the car is good to - mikethecar | eBay
    that is besides the other mentioned
    Cozy -n- dry is great from experince using them
    Their is another major adaptive clothing seller there that starts with an R(radkins rodkins something like that.) whose name I can't remember for anything.

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