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Thread: I told my kids :)

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    Default I told my kids :)

    I had the opportunity to be alone with my daughter this morning so I just came out & told her. I started off with asking her "would you make fun of someone with a disability?". She was a little confused at first then asked again if say she saw someone in a wheel chair or along that line would she be one of these mean people & make fun of them. Her reply as I thought was "hell no". So I started with my story of back problems & finally led into the problem I have & that it seems to be getting worst possibly due to stress. She really did not react one way or the other & she spent the rest of the morning helping me out side working in the yard even though I did not ask. I made a few jokes here & there about still being dry & not needing a change yet & she laughed a bit. She seems like she is fine with it all & dose not bother her. Next is my son...... this may be a bit harder to explain to him being a little younger & well, boys are a little less mature so I just need to catch him on one of his good days.

    Feels good to be able to feel accepted in my own house.

    I just told my son. He reacted the same as my daughter except that I could tell that he seemed a little uncomfortable talking about it so I just got to the point & left it at that. YAY no more having to be supper secretive about it & no more worries that I am crinkling to loudly.

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    That's so awesome!

    Oh, and might I ask how old your kids are?

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    Coming here after you posted to my thread on the subject, I'm glad things have worked out for you with this. It isn't nice having to worry about what someone might know or anything like that. When it comes to medical conditions at home it's better to be honest after all.

    Also, all the best and hope this bout can calm down and improve.

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    Glad to hear it worked out. I'm definitely not an advocate of telling uninvolved people about ABDL stuff but when it's a medical problem it's entirely different. Nothing to be ashamed of and as you say, it's your own house and you shouldn't be worried about the use of needed protection.

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    I was thinking the same as Trevor. Why should it be an issue when it's a medical problem.

    Long standing members on this site know I've had a few odd mishaps keeping my secret from my kids, etc. As normal, my wife and I went out to dinner tonight. We had a nice meal at Red Lobster, and when we came home, I was tired, so I fell asleep on our bed in the bedroom, all while she watched television. As is my custom, I clutch my big teddy bear, and sleep on my back. Suddenly I was waking up because my two grand children walked into the bedroom, to thank us for the Easter gift which my wife had ordered on Amazon and had sent to their house, which is about a mile from ours. Surprise!!!! They just looked at me and laughed. Meanwhile, I'm completely groggy having just woken up wondering, what is going on. Life is always amazing. Of course, now I'm wondering what was said back at their home....sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyPandora View Post
    That's so awesome!

    Oh, and might I ask how old your kids are?
    Son is 15 daughter is 16

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    Awww.. That was brave and awesome thing for you ^^ *hug*

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    Yay! Grats Grizz

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    Cool, that was so brave if you. I guess you are getting incontinent right? It's not listed in your profile.

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