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Thread: Help with 'Cuddlz'?

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    Default Help with 'Cuddlz'?

    Hi, so Cuddlz is the diaper I use at the moment. I don't get much time but occasionally I get the house to myself for a day or night so I use then. Anyway, earlier today I was sat at the pc in my clothes with my diaper on. Had done around 2 or 3 average wettings. I had another and it just leaked like crazy. I had to spend ages cleaning up my room etc so it wouldn't leak so bad.

    When I changed and put on a new diaper, I was doing the tapes and they came off. So that diaper ended up being useless. Anyway, for cuddlz users I want to know the best way to put on the diaper to stop it leaking early and how to not make the tapes rip :P Thanks

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    I've never had a rip or leak :P
    Mind you Cuddlz holds SO much, perhaps too much to be truly useable. I wear underwear to support it if need be to stop it sagging

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    Hello there,im not a Cuddlz user but you just reminded me what my most favorite diaper is,thanks!

    I cant give you much info but can say that I noticed on some of the tapes[which are extremely adorable and diaper is large for a baby diaper 'hense why Cuddlz my favorite]arn't that very sticky so that maybe why they may come I said,I dont know that much other then that they are some of the most cute diapers that I have ever seen


    EDIT: Shoot!! I may have gotten the brand wrong...more research on trying what this super cute diaper I have is[the tape as cute dogs and turtles with green shells]

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    I use cuddlz at the moment too - not had any problems with leaks but I have had one of tapes come off once. I think it's where they're double-sided and you pull them the wrong way?
    Agree re. the sagging though - Needs support

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    I've used cuddles and i messed up the taping one and after that the tape was useless as it ripped it open a little. Though for leaking ive wet a few now and ive not experenced any leaks, i even wore on in the shower (just to see how it was) and the problem wasnt leaking but holding too much :P

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