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Thread: Feel sorry for the guy

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    Default Feel sorry for the guy

    There are alot of post on ADISC about people feeling nervous about being found out or caught wearing nappies etc etc but yesterday I recieved my usual 2 month delivery, (Im incontinent and get my nappies on the NHS ) they come direct from the manufacturer using their own inhouse couriers so the guys driving know exactly what they are delivering.

    usually I get the same driver I dont actually know his name so I'll call him Frank, hes around 50 and a really nice man he brings my boxes in for me and even unpacks them onto the shelf in my bedroom and takes the packing boxes back to the depot (above and beyond what he has to do) we normally have a chat while he's doing this and he's even asked me about the products.

    well yesterday the van pulls up and the driver ring the bell they have instructions to ring and wait because it can take me longer then normal to get down the stairs (i live on the first floor and im disabled). I get to the door and its not Frank its a young lad about 20, he says are you ummm...err.umm as hes flicking through his paperwork hands shaking and i notice he's sweating bullets and basically looks like he's going to pass out.

    I told him my name as it might have taken a while to find it on his list and he goes to the back of the van keys in hand and he cant even get the key into the lock.

    At this point Im feeling really bad for this guy so I step out and unlock the van for him then i told him to take a breath and relax, he does and explains its his first day (no $hit).

    to cut a long story short I gave him a pep talk and told him to calm down before he went on his way, its sad but a little bit funny (to me anyway) we all have some anxiety about wearing nappies but its the first time Ive come across anyone just being nervous aroud them

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    There might be a lot of reasons - if you are 20 and get a job in the UK you are doing well and won't want to screw up- so nervousness about meeting people on doorsteps could be a factor - as could the effect of mythology about incontinence and perhaps some information in the back of his mind about "weird" people who associate diapers with specific types of pleasure - who knows - but great that you recognised his need and helped.

    Please note the inverted commas above - I am not associating myself with any description of any other human being as "weird" - just pointing out a bit of popular opinion.

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    I wonder who he got to deliver the nappies to before you ? perhaps some wierdo ? I kinda understand how it feels to be the one that has to wear the disposables and how one can feel when a delivery turns up. I now do not care, my neighbour sometimes takes the large boxes for me if I am away working. I know he knows but he is used to careing for the disabled and those like me who have bladder problems.
    *hugs* It is kinda funny in a way, perhaps he has his secret passions too, I would have offered him a spare to see how harmless they are.

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    Im usually first on the list because I live on the far side of the county, they drive here to make the first drop off and then do the rest as they head back to the depot, so i must have been that weirdo LOL

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    I actually go around robbing these vans, so my guess is he probably heard of me, the Happy Nappy Burglar and was afraid he'd come across me and my gang of banditos on his supply run .

    But in all seriousness, first days on any job can be pretty nerve racking plus he probably didn't know what to expect from the customers he catered to (after all, it's not too common, outside of our community of course, for diapers to be involved with individuals that aren't exceptionally young or old).

    It's kind of funny to think about, but in this situation, it probably would have made him more comfortable he wore too which is usually the exact opposite of most situations.

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    Not to make this a political thing but this just goes to show how much work we have yet until diapers aren't to be considered such taboo items. For many, myself included, its a need - and yet many people, diapered or not, get nervous around them or talking about them. A real shame.

    But considering the media's take on it with highlighting the diapered astronaut and all the adult baby's (which is a fine lifestyle, if you choose it), there's little exposure to adult diapers for 'need' rather than 'want', and therefore the delivery guy was more inclined, as another poster mentioned, to assume they were for someone who wanted them probably as a fetish, rather than had a need.

    Enough rambling - he'll get over it, as in learn the truth about diapers as need, or he'll quit. Hopefully the former.

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    I don't think he looked at Bill1971 as some kind of weird pervert, these delivery drivers are briefed on what they are delivering, and who they are delivering to and why. Any lad in their twenties who has just started ANY job would be nervous and shaky, regardless of what they were delivering and who to.

    I think it is a little misguided to presume they're nervous, just because they know that they're nappies. :-(

    I've come across nervous, shaky delivery drivers that deliver every day innocent things.

    I think that it can be rather derogatory to ourselves to presume that everyone is against those who wear nappies, regardless of whether it's a need or want situation.

    Just my opinion.

    *shuts up*

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    EDIT: The NHS are NOT likely to prescribe nappies to those who want them for their fetish, so the drivers are definitely not going to presume a patient WANTS to wear them, rather than NEEDS to wear them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainVimes View Post

    EDIT: The NHS are NOT likely to prescribe nappies to those who want them for their fetish, so the drivers are definitely not going to presume a patient WANTS to wear them, rather than NEEDS to wear them.
    your absolutely correct if someone was to falsely obtain nappies through the NHS it would actually constitute theft (obtaining services by deception) and depending on how long they managed to obtain them (and subseqently more value to the theft) could find themselves getting upto 5 years in prison

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    What about someone who wears and wets nappies continously for long enough to actually un-train their bladder and develop some degree of incontinence? Can they then legitimately claim supplies from the NHS? That's an interesting question. It's a self-inflicted condition in that case, but the NHS will pay to treat other self-inflicted conditions of course, those due to smoking, alcohol, drugs etc...

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    It is not possible to become incontinent by pee'ing yourself.

    Even if you are in a nappy, your bladder will tell you when you need to go, you just sit and pee yourself instead of trying to get to the toilet, this repeated action would NOT un-train your bladder. The only way you can reverse the bladder normal function is to force a pee repeatedly, making your bladder able to contain less amount, but still, this wouldn't make you incontinent, you'd just have to go more frequently.

    You need to read up on what incontinence is my friend. :P

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