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Thread: Any Dungeon Defenders players out here?

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    Default Any Dungeon Defenders players out here?

    I'm brand new to DD (as in, just started today), and I'd really like it if I could find a group of nice peeps to play with and level up with. I'm making the assumption that, while it is fun, it's not as fun on your own.

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    I own the game, but given our timezone difference, I don't know if I'd be able to play it with you.

    And yes, it's much, much more fun when played as part of a group than when played alone. Some of the more interesting classes (Monk and Huntress, plus their alternate gender versions if you have the DLC) really only function as part of a group in higher difficulties/later survival waves. For the default heroes, really only Squire and Apprentice can solo the game on Hard/Insane.

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    I'd be willing to have a go with ya, Hex. No, I don't have the DLC. I might get some, though. I'd rather start off with at least one other person I know before diving in to online play.

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