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    Hello all,

    I have lurked here for a while now and decided I should finally get leveled up, as the notice is quite annoying.

    I have been a DL for a few years now. I am 20/M and currently attending university in the United States. I am a fairly good student and a bit of an introvert but still get out plenty with my buddies on the weekends.

    I like to play video games (just built a new PC, my first actually, and have been putting MANY hours into it...), I collect and paint Warhammer, but don't have much time to play. I enjoy lifting weights quite a bit as well. Whatever free time is left after homework and work is spent either lifting, gaming, or reading. I am currently halfway through the Vince Flynn novels and they are amazing.

    Anything else I need to add, let me know.

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    Welcome to the site and excellent introduction. I assembled my first computer back in the day. It was an Apple IIe, back when they first came out. It was fun, and I learned a little in basic programming.

    I like to read but I'm not familiar with Vince Flynn. I guess I'll have to go and look him up.

    edit: Okay, I did and I see he's written a lot of books. They look like they are about intrigue.

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    Yeah, I learned a lot along the way. This was my first time assembling so I found a lot of relevant as well as random info on forums that helped me.

    I love Vince Flynn so much because my major in college is Law Enforcement and minoring in Political Science, so his stories are right up my alley.

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