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Thread: Making my own clothes... Help?

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    Question Making my own clothes... Help?

    I've seen around, people making onesies out of over sized t-shirts by cutting them* adding snaps and a little elastic? I know there's a pattern on etsy, but I'm a little low on cash, so I can't really afford to get but.. Have any of you done this? And do you have any tips?

    I'm also planning on turning an old pair of overalls into a nice pair of shortalls by cutting them into shorts, and slicing down the leg to add some snaps.

    Any experienced AB clothing makers out there?

    * I'm assuming they cut them.

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    I like your idea, and I wish I could help, but I do know this. Big Baby Boutique used to do this and put the pair up for auction on Ebay. The bids would go up to almost $200.00, so you could make a lot of money doing this if you are successful. I'm sure you will need a snap devise. Of course you would shorten the bib overalls, splitting the inside hem. With a good sewing machine, you should be able to find some success. You could take some sort of community sewing course. I would bet that some cloth stores would offer them, or know who is.

    Once accomplished, imagine how many of us on adisc might become your customer base. I know I would like a pair.

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    there's a variety of ways you can go about this, but the most practical ways tend to be as developed and used by the parents of disabled children. not posting links for obvious reasons (and because i can't find them ), but, as with most stuff, simplicity is the key.

    a trick that's become more popular is to simply adapt a length of elastic (buy it or cannibalize a pair of suspenders) by adding clips or snaps at either end (and the corresponding same for the garment, if needed). the elastic is to fit so as to hold your diaper up. can be used with any top.
    another method is to adapt this idea, h++p://, to your own current clothing. you can experiment with different cuts of the cloth to suit your needs (a pair of undies or swimming trunks may act as a suitable template).

    snaps and clips and all else you may require are available from haberdashers and camping stores, are fairly cheap and some types don't require any sewing - you can get them as kits, like, Attachment 8354; or as the sole type you prefer, with which you can apply using suitable pliers or a hammer (no need to buy the expensive 'proper' device).

    if you're thinking about playing with some ideas you have [for making clothes], 'just to see' and suchlike, the most convenient method of attaching parts together is with Wundaweb and/or Bostick/UHU glue.
    some garments, i've made and worn using only the above, so sewing isn't always needed.

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    I have used the link above and made a couple of onesies, while the method does work fine as long as you follow the directions i recommend using another size larger then what the site says so you have enough room to properly snap the cloth over the diaper.

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