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    Some of you guys complain about repetetive topics so here is a new one. I am making a lego computer. I have an old apple ibook minus a few parts. I am going to make a chassis for it out of legos! I also want to make a lego mouse and keyboard for it. The biggest issue so far is the sheer number of legos required. I will post pics when I finish in a month or so. Hopefully i will have the cutest little kiddy computer an AB could ever want.

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    this kinda makes me wanna try the same thing with my old computer

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    Good luck with the project! If you need any inspiration, do a Google search for "lego casemod": lego casemod - Google Search

    Some of the ones I've seen look really cool.

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    Sounds cool to me so good luck. I hope it works and I can't wait to see pictures. I love legos.

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    Sounds really interesting!
    Im looking forward to seeing the result.

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    Hey ironically enough I am also in the middle of a lego project for school. I need to purchase alot of pieces for a stop-motion film. Does anyone have any reccomendations about how to get cheap legos in bulk?

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    I have done such a project and it became a file server on my nightstand for a time. Alas bigger and better projects have come and it is no longer there.

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    this actually sounds pretty cool

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    I can't wait to see pic's of this, I bet it'll be really awesome!!!!!

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