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Thread: Do You Consider Texas to be a "Southern" State?

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    Default Do You Consider Texas to be a "Southern" State?

    Yes. Texas is listed as a Southern state. But with the mass differences in culture, is it really "Southern"? Is Texas the same as Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina?

    The cultures are way, way different in my opinion. The "Deep South" and Texas are nothing alike.

    What say you?

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    As little as I know about Texas, I know enough about Texas to know, though they definitely stand out culturally from all other states, North or South, they are definately as Southern as they are Western. Having grown up in Northern Virginia, I at one time thought Virginia was too cosmopolitan to be Southern. I used to think the same thing about Maryland. Having lived on the Eastern Shore of both states, I instantly backtracked on both those thoughts. I married a Sweet Maryland Southern Bell from the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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    Living here in Texas I can say without a doubt that even though it's a "southern state" on the map, it's anything but in cultural terms. We just do things differently here. Yes there is a defined sense of historical pride, but it's more of a pride of how Texas came to be. I guess it also depends on which part of the state you're in too; some parts feel more like California, some feel like Montana, some feel like Main or Florida etc.

    Just my two cents worth.

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    texas is on the boarder and one of the many southern states. So yeah, it's southern. Geographically at least.

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    Openly secessionist, drawling accent, call all pop Coke, and are south of the Mason Dixon Line. Doesn't get anymore Southern than that.

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    Culturally, maybe not.
    Geographically, very much so!
    I'm going with geography on this one.

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    I'm talking strictly culture. Does the Texas culture fit in with the cultures of the "Deep South" (Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina)?

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    When I say "the South," I'm usually using it to refer to CSA states. Texas is somewhat on the edge of the classification, but that's why we distinguish between "the South" and "the Deep South." To me, the categories go-

    Deep South: Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida

    South: Deep South, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    texas is on the boarder and one of the many southern states. So yeah, it's southern. Geographically at least.
    Yes, but the South generally refers to the Southeast, not the geographic south. California, Arizona, and New Mexico all are on the southern boarder. I don't think anyone would call California et al part of the South.

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    If they seceeded from the United States to fight in favor of slavery, call all pop Coke, drawl (or as I've been told by a native Texan, "let the words lean on each other"), and have the bible-beating, racist, homophobic bigotry then yes, they are the same. I realize that Houston and Austin are these little islands of civilization, but beyond that, yes, Texas is absolutely part of the South, Deep South, Bible Belt, whatever thing you want to call it.

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    So...all Southerners are racist, homophobic, Bible thumping bigots? Interesting.

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