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Thread: New thoughts on discreet diaper bags

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    Default New thoughts on discreet diaper bags

    I bought a carrying case for my new tablet the other day and I was thinking about how it was also the perfect size to hide the average sized adult diaper in if you were out and about. No one would ever know that instead of an iPad it's just a... pad.

    The bags for 10" tablets seem like they would work the best. Mine is similar to this: AmazonBasics Netbook Bag

    Anyone try this already?

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    I have a similar sized case for my netbook, and I can fit two or three in it.

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    I use somthing like this
    under armour drawstring backpack - Google Search
    Looks like a normal drawstring bag but can hold any extra suplies you need

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    I have laptop backpack that I use for everything since it is meant to hold books plus a 17" laptop mine is similar to this swissgear but as the only lappy I carry is my 11.1" super netbook(E350 4GB ram 128GB SSD) it fits nice in second compartment leaving room for supplies(ush. two extra napps, wipes to help cut down on the smell, couple of plastic grocery bags for disposal, and a milled aluminum shaker that I keep baby powder/talc powder in, as the container is milled aluminum no one would suspect a thing just assume it is body powder if it is ever seen) and books a plenty.

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    I use a 5.11 Tactical bag on the back of my chair. Its pretty inconspicuous considering my chair has a military theme. Holds enough supplies for the day and can carry drinks lol.

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