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Thread: Favorite Video Game Character

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    Default Favorite Video Game Character

    Interesting (I thought) topic to bring up: Who are some of your all-time favorite video game characters? From any year, any game. I may put mine up later, when I come to a final decision!

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    Hmmm...Arthas from Warcraft 3

    Oh and in before at housand people saying either Cloud or Sephiroth

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    Sabata from the Bokura No Taiyou series (Boktai, Zoktai, ShinBok, Boktai DS/Lunar Knights).

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    Sora and Link

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    The guy from No More Heroes
    Master Chief
    The guy from Force Unleashed

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    I like Kirby the best.

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    Kirby is a good one, but I'd have to say my favorite character from any game EVER is...

    Meta Knight. Total badass.

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