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    I just wanna know other people's opinion of depends max protection, i wear them all the time and i just wet for the third time and still no leak. I cant order diapers so i wanna know if there is anything better i can get?

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    I happen to think they're okay for what they are, which I'd say is the minority opinion. If you're limited to buying at stores, that's about all you can reasonably get. Ordering online, there are much higher quality diapers available (Bambinos/Secure X-Plus, Abena, Molicare, Dry 24/7, etc.) Even though I have that access, I still like having Depends around. They meet my needs as a short-term or low use diaper.

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    Depends Max Protection are the best for discretion imo. If you need to wear a full on diaper and dont want anyone to know then thats the way to go. However, even for a store brand they can be a bit pricey, i would suggest trying the Walgreens/CVS brand as well, they are made differently (Cloth Backed and slightly thicker). But they can save you some dollars in what i consider no real trade off for quality, some people actually prefer the CVS Brand, i might too actually.

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    I think they are the best "store-bought" diaper around. I'm with Trevor on this...I always order my diapers online, but I still like to have some Depends around. They are good for a short use, I find I can get usually 2 weetings out of them. I also like their tapes, which stick VERY well & allow for a nice snug fit. I also like that they are very crinkly & noisy (I know, this is considered a negative by most). Sometimes when I want a little extra crinkle & thickness I will double diaper wearing a large Depend max over my premium diaper. The Max is very thin by itself though, compared to any premium diaper. I prefer a thick diaper, but that's just me. I agree though that Depends very discreet under clothing, I suppose that could be important if you're wearing tighter-fitting outer garments and don't want to look padded. All in all, a great "real" diaper that does what it's supposed to do, just be careful not to over-wet it or you will leak!

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    I forgot to mention, the Depend max also works well for double diapering, just use a razor blade to slice slits in the plastic backing of the first diaper, put it on, then don another one over top of that one. This is a great way to extend the capacity of a thinner diaper. It could work well for someone who can't order premium diapers online. However, if at all possible, one would do better to order premium diapers online, because doubling up Depends approaches the same dollar cost, and is just more of a hassle.

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    I mean, they are diapers. Trust me, if it's all you can get, it's still better than nothing. I actually have been using them kind of frequently lately, though, because I'm too lazy to go online and place another order. They are still plastic-backed, and have 3 tapes. I like both of those things.

    I always used to convince myself that they were cheaper, so that's why to get them locally... Then the quality started to degrade, and I rationalized it by calling it the "convenience" cost, since there's really no other local, easy to find choices. It's now to a point, where if you really even want to wet it, you're gonna need a stuffer, IMO. So by the time you buy a pack of Depend Max and a pack of size 6 diapers for stuffers, it's as expensive or more expensive than just buying the good stuff online.

    In short: Do anything you can to try the 'premium' diapers. Order online. Depends don't even come close. If you don't have that option, then I recommend using a stuffer with them at least.

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