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Thread: How's School Going?

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    Default How's School Going?

    I didn't see a topic for this and I know that most of us Teens and Adults are somewhere between High School and Post-Grad studies so i'm curious...

    How's the new semester going?

    I'm doing really well for a first year University student, I'm loving every second of it. I'm studying my major in the faculty of Geography and Urban Planning, and looking into minoring in Linguistic sciences. I had a midterm today that I think I did really well in so for that reason, I might be celebrating this weekend

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    Well, I graduated school back at the end of 2006, but I'm currently a [deferred] university student.

    I did my first year last year, mostly to unspectacular results, so I opted to take a year off this year and just get some stuff sorted and give my brain a break from the daily grind.

    Even so, next year I will return as a part-time student. But I'll be travelling next year (this year was my working year, I really needed to save as I had fairly little), as well as redoing some courses I want to have a better result in (because I admit I slacked off in them).

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    It's going ok. I got 1 A, 1 B, 1 C, and 1 D. and I'm doing good in my trip. internship.

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    All A's like 1 B and a D because I didn't do anywork for the first few weeks in one class(was supposed to switch out, but it didn't happen so things got really messed up)

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    The days are pretty easy going. Only the first two periods do I really have to do anything, the rest of the day I can relax and catch up on other work. Here's my schedule:
    1st period: Algebra 2
    2nd: Biology
    3rd: German 3 (teacher doesn't believe in text books or homework lol)
    4th: Psychology (all we do is watch movies and she tells us funny stories)
    5th: Graphics class (teacher and I are buddies, I was in her class last year, and she lets me do other work. Oh and it's not a computer graphics class.)
    6th: Photography (My friend and I screw around in the dark room a lot lol)
    7th & 8th: American Studies (It's just an easy class)

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    Im a sophmore, and I am taking all honors classes. I took all honors last year too, but I was not at all prepared for this year and I thought it was going to be alot easier. I have to start actually studying.

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    I'm currently a Masters student, and despite the fact that I'm taking only 2 classes, it's a bitch. That, and I'm working half-time for the university and also writing a thesis. Fun times. I've had lots of nights where I'm up until 4-5am and anticipate having many more.

    Right now I'm kind of in a tough decision -- I got a job offer for after I graduate, so I could go out to industry next summer. Or, I could stay in academia for now and get my PhD. It's a really hard decision.. bleh. So yeah, school.

    At least I still have band . Band rocks.

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    Shity All you need to know.

    I also screwed up both my knees and back so I'm in great pain in PE.

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    still havnt started...gggrr. (my school is wacked) i leave sunday though, starting my 3rd year of college and really looking forward to it

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    Well for one thing over here it would be a trimestre (or as we call it, a term). And it being school I hate it. I've been off due to illness, but tomorrow my parents are sending me back whether I am better or not. I was looking forward to going back to school because I was getting NO mental stimulation, but I had forgotten how bad it was. Luckily I teach myself maths because I am so much quicker than the rest of my class, and we never get physics homework (aka I get it done in the lesson). However we are getting tonnes of German homework and I am having difficulty keeping up with it.

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