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    has anyone every tried the huggies overnight diaper. im curious if the sizing is aimed at bigger wearers or if they are really effective at absorbing. maybe a good booster.


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    Huggies Overnites are a little more substantial than the regular Huggies, but not much. Overall quality of construction is average. You can probably get a way with using one as an insert for the new Depend Real Fit or Silhouette underwear (yes, they are underwear, because they protect like underwear). Take caution, however: Huggies aren't made like they were before 2001, so this item might be more likely to leak.

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    I have found that they hold quite alot, for baby diapers

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    Actually, a Pampers 7 also works very well as an insert, as long as it's positioned right. Mileage may vary.

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    ya i use pampers baby dry and luvs size 6 becuase they fit me thus nicely as a booster.

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    I used to go through Overnites like crazy, wearing them either in boxer shorts or with tape extensions. Their absorbency is terrific for a baby diaper, as others have noted. Unfortunately, Huggies diapers are just nowhere near as stretchy as Pampers, even if you peel the cloth-like stuff off the elastic (which is really difficult to do). Meanwhile, the super-stretchy sides of Pampers Cruisers 3-Way Fit seem to have made their way to the other diapers (Baby Dry and Extra Protection), which means I can now stretch into those also. So... not much Huggies-wearing going on anymore.

    However, I have used Overnites as boosters in Goodnites, and they're fantastic for that!

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