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Thread: Regularly Wearing Protection for Irregular Accidents

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    Default Regularly Wearing Protection for Irregular Accidents

    Hi all,

    Does anybody here wear diapers "just in case"? I had wet fart, while wearing regular underpants, but then I put on a diaper, in case there was more to come. Does anybody do that? Thanks,


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    I do that same thing, i thought i was the only one

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    Wearing protection "just in case" is a legitimate use. This generally means that you have experienced episodes of incontinence, or more than a few close calls, before, and you are not taking chances now. You are not alone.

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    That's why the call it "protection." Beyond involuntary urination I'll wear a diaper because I don't want to run to the bathroom many times a day. Nor do I want to take drugs. Diapers are my most acceptable solution to a leaky bladder.

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    It's just a case of managing things well - if you feel a cold coming on you make sure you have enough tissues for nose blowing - what's the difference? And i guess few of us would wear for protection unless there had been enough "close calls" or enforced changes of underwear to make the precaution of wearing protection sensible.

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    I'm really worried about people at school seeing me in protection. I only have an accident about once a month but I've had more close calls than I'd like to admit.

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    I have a leaky bladder too and I wear because I hate the feeling of wet pants

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    I often wet the bed but sometimes I can stay dry for up to 5 nights, but I still wear protection overnight just incase. I tend to do the same for long car journeys too (over an hour) or if I am working for long periods without access to the kitty litter box.

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    In my work I sometimes can't easily stop to go potty, so sometimes I wear one just in case I can't stop to pee.

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    I don't do it regularly (although I'd like to) but when I've pulled all nighters before (usually studying) and on long trips I've worn before. Especially on planes, I hate waiting for the bathroom to open up, getting up to use it, and then working my way back to my seat. I'd rather just sleep through as much of the flight as possible. That is one of the reasons they're made for after all.

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