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Thread: so what next?

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    Default so what next?

    Hi everyone,

    Okay, i'm in abit of a pickle, i told my mum that i'm a DL last year, she was 'alright' with it, and brought me some, i saw she was acting differently and forced myself to stop wearing them, but i was still wanting to wear them.. so about 4 days ago i sent her a text saying i still want to wear them, but she didn't reply.. it's quite far on now and i still have no infomation on the subject, am i getting some? am i not? i don't know..
    What shall i say to her in order to obtain diapers or remind her? (very doubtful she's forgotten..)

    Any advise apreciated.. thanks.


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    Because it would be the only way to obtain diapers..

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    Uh... she's not comfortable buying them for you, so lay off?

    If you want to buy diapers, raise your own money and buy them yourself. See if your mom would be okay with that. Show her you can both indulge in this AND be a productive member in society (to the extent that a 14 year old can) and maybe she'll see it's not such a big deal.

    Treat it like you would a video game that your mom doesn't want to buy for you. Bugging her after she says no is pretty childish when you can try to earn it yourself.

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    She hasn't said no.. She hasn't said anything.. She was willing to buy me them last year..

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    Why can't you just run to the store and buy them yourself?

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    I'm going to say she likely thought it was just a phase. Your going to have to explain it to her a little more I suggest using this site Understanding Infantilism to help you

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    She probably isn't sure of what to say or what to do. If my 14 year old came to me and said, "dad, I'm a DL, can you buy me some diapers", I would definitely need to sleep on it, maybe for quite a while. I'd go so far as to say that this situation is fairly out of her comfort zone. I don't think you've done anything wrong, or her for that matter. It's awkward for her, quite probably.

    I'd probably stay mum on it for now. If I was in your shoes, I wouldn't ask her to help you in this part of your life. Maybe it's strictly a comfort thing, with no more harm than a snuggie or some comfy fuzzy slippers. On my side, it's definitely more than a comfort thing, so I wouldn't feel right asking my parents to go on a diaper run for me.

    Zephy is totally right. You're 14 and you can do some pretty cool stuff at your age. You can offer to do errands or chores for the family, laundry, organizing, cleaning or cooking, in exchange for some money. You can talk to your parents and negotiate the payment structure (a very, very handy life skill). At some point you will have enough money go out and buy the diapers you want. AWESOME.

    You'll feel much better about getting your stash on your own, and you'll save yourself from some serious parent-child awkwardness. Good luck!

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    Sorry dude, but i feel that if you want them that badly, you are going to have to work for it and not get your mom to buy them for you. How can you expect your mom to pay for your fetish?

    FYI, I got my first pack when i was 14 years old, saving my weekly allowance bit by bit.

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    Because you are 14 and I'm an adult, I can't in all good conscious, tell you to go out and get your own diapers. I do think that you may have made a mistake by texting your mom. This is something that needs to be discussed, face to face. Since you've already had this discussion with your mom, and since she was once accepting, your words, this shouldn't be a problem. As others have said, it may be that she thought it was a passing phase. She may have collected more information since she first learned of our strange desires. Either way, have the talk. I'm guessing you may need transportation in order to purchase diapers.

    We have found on this site that being a responsible son or daughter, helping with chores and doing things around the house, as well as getting good grades makes acceptance from parents a little easier. If you can show yourself to be a responsible person, you come off looking more sane and rational all the while doing something which is not considered to be either sane or rational.

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