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Thread: Attention all foodies !!

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    Default Attention all foodies !!


    Where do you live, and what is your favorite Restaurant,Truck,Stand,Diner,Cafeteria,Hole In The Wall Dive, or any other place to eat that isn't HOME or a relatives house.

    I want to hear about why you like this place, what makes it special and the best place for food around you, what makes you want to keep going back or tell others about it.

    And do not forget to share your thoughts about the food described in the post above yours.

    Pictures would be AMAZING

    To begin with here is Mine:

    Food: SUSHI

    Kiraku of Glen Head LongIsland is amazing, they have such a HUGE selection of maki (rolls) and they have many special rolls that do not even include rice, or nori. The interior of the place is amazing too because there are booths where you must take off your shoes and sit on floor cushions like true Japanese style.

    This place is amazing because they are friendly, decently priced and virtually hidden on a back road but deserve to be in the middle of manhattan.

    If you love sushi and are around then go there, also let me know if you think there are any better , in the country or local ... GO !

    Arugula Tuna - Seared Tuna wrapped around Arugula, Baby Spinich, Cilantro, and Scallions topped with Jalapenos, Special Spicy Sauce and Tobiko
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    local chippy that does home-made tater pie with red cabbage. the slab you get is big enough to do for a whole day's food supply, which is handy on my current budget as the pie costs 20p less than the 2.50 allowance.

    can't much else about any of the posh places like what'll be mentioned by others as i can't afford stuff like that and don't like posh food, anyway (spam and beans'll do for me - you don't that at Gordon Ramseys's )
    having said that, i've recently been catching the odd Man V. Food and my belly aches summert chronick when i see it. do americans eat that kind of stuff, often?! oh, my aching belly!

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    The Capital Grille qould have to be a favorite of mine. true, a meal there costs more than a normal teenager's weekly salary, but its totally worth it. its the first palce ive been to and had a crunchy steak (ik, it sounds weird) it was soooo good and ive never tasted anything like it.

    also, be sure to try Benihana. its unparalelled in its way of cooking and delicious no matter what you order. i love it XD

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    Simple, but I live in the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Here in this little town, we have an amazing bakery called Linke's. Surely isn't the fanciest place in the world but I love going there for a *good* sausage roll and an Iced Coffee when I get the chance. They're cheap as chips, too, which helps out even more.

    Stepping it up a little, there's a cafe up in the hills called Roaring Forties that makes the BEST pizzas ever. I don't have them often, as they're at least a good $25 (I can eat all week for that :/). But they are just that good. They'll happily put on it whatever you like, and it's all fresh ingredients grown around the valley. Add that to the fact that I simply love good pizza and pasta, and i'm sold.

    I don't and have never lived in a city, so I don't know a whole bunch of fancy places. Generally I just cook a huge pot of spaghetti sauce or something and eat out of that all week along with fruit and such. Vegemite on toast for breakfast. +1 to being an Aussie!

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    That Sausage roll sounds amazing Wolf3188, don't worry if its inexpensive, because im also looking for things that are as cheap as "chips" in fact its encouraged , because im on a budget and i want to know where the cheap delicious places to eat are !!! Muahahahahaha

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