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    Default Enjoy wearing for fun!

    Some people feel guilty or suggest that we should feel guilty as we are using puposeful garments eg incontinence diapers, just for pleasure.

    However, surely there is nothing wrong in finding pleasure in unfortunate situations as long as we are not making fun of people. Eg going out on a rainy day and feeling the fresh sprinkling of the rain or admiring large waves at the coast on a windy day.

    Also there are many things which were supposed to be workaday necessities but which are now often done for pleasure such as train rides on steam/heritage railways, and no one says we should feel guilty for enjoying the ride here!

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    In principle you are correct, but principle and practice are totally different. It is not so simple for some, perhaps most, of us to see it that way without a long and hard internal war over acceptance. I can't really offer any insight to this, as I didn't ever have an issue with acceptance.

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    I don't believe anyone who wears diapers for pleasure should feel guilty for what they like to do, I believe there are a lot worse things for the environment and socially that could be taken part in which could lead to resulting consequences being far worse.

    However, there is an environmental moral question that can be applied to the use of disposables in applications where they are unnecessary. And a simple justification of "there are worse things" becomes insubstantial.

    Many people struggle with the impact their "desires" cause to our earth, and many are just simply desensitized or do not care about the environmental impact.

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    Pleasure is a subjective thing - what is pleasurable to an individual may have a neutral effect on some or be an unpleasant thing to others. I tend to rationalise things: Guilt MUST be because we have harmed someone or something, otherwise it is irrational and of no value. Harm must be done either to a person, to oneself, or, if one is religious to God or perhaps against a natural order created by some form of Divinity. Even when I was religious I did not feel my diaper pleasure did much damage to God or any Divine order, so that didn't worry me much. Now I have no adherence whatever to the religions of the world, any residual guilt in that direction has long vanished. Diaper pleasure certainly doesn't harm anyone else, and I discount totally any notion of harm to the Environment provided I dispose of the diapers in accordance with waste disposal regulations. Therefore the only thing left to feel guilty about is harm to myself. Despite my Anglo-Saxon background which seems programmed to throw a guilt burden on us that goes back way into the past I am happy to say all that has long been thrown away. It is up to everyone to come to terms with this in his/her own way: I don't want to be prescriptive. All I would say is by all means feel guilty about the many things that do REAL harm to other people that so many ignore: violence, selfishness, abuse, greed etc. Then our harmless recreation might fall into perspective. Good luck! If this is too abstruse pass on to the next post . . .:

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    There's nothing wrong about this at all. I mean, why feel guilty? You have done nothing wrong at all. However, due to societal pressures of the practical world, and because of what society deems normal and abnormal, you feel guilty?

    I say, learn to judge for yourself on what is right and wrong. For only you yourself are answerable for yourself at the end of the day. As long as what you derive pleasure from does not cause hurt, pain or misery to others, you are free within your conscience.

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