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Thread: evengelion armor cosplay

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    Default evengelion armor cosplay

    So i wanna try and make a unit one cosplay and i wanna make it similar to how most people make nice halo armor (with fiberglass and such).... but i have no idea how to start so i was wondering if anyone has any experience in this. also for a referance this is what unit-1 looks like ---->

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    There's likely better sites then adisc for cosplay idea's/help. I am willing to stake my arms and leg's that there are site's specifly made for cosplayers.

    Now on the other hand...
    I don't even get why anyone would want to cosplay this. In the show the 'robots, aliens, whatever the hell they are. Are easily 50times bigger then any person. You can always cosplay as Shinji, but all that takes is a whiny, bitchy, woe is me attitude which most anime viewers naturally have. I know that's the main reason I watched this series and why I got a "what the fuck happened?" ending.

    Show built up more and more, then it ended as a farting balloon.

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