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Thread: Thinking about buying depends maximum protection

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    Default Thinking about buying depends maximum protection

    I found two bags of S/M depends at my local thrift store last night for 4 bucks each. Thinking about buying it tonight like ten minutes before the store close lol.

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    Do it, you will most likely not be able to find a better deal, what version are they , Max Over night protection ?

    and ten minutes before closing ensures you'll probably avoid almost all other customers , good thinking.

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    Yeah at four bucks each pack you are actually getting a deal.

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    Walgreens is closing these out and the price is $3.79. The clearance started about 3 weeks ago. good luck

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    i guess for the cheap price you might as well, normally i would state how bad depends are but eh go for it :3

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    Don't wait, I have put off buying things at my local thrift store and someone else bought them before I could go back.

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    I think they get a bad rap as diapers but I suppose it's just a matter of what one values in a diaper. Their capacity is certainly not on par with the higher end diapers (Molicare, Abena, Bambino/Secure X-Plus, Dry 24/7, etc.) but they're white with a plastic outer shell and with three tapes to a side, one can get a good fit with a bit of practice. I think they're good for when I want something that creates less of a bulge under clothing or if I don't intend to wear for a long stretch. I like having a variety of diapers available and they're part of the mix. At $4, they seem like a very good deal to me. Good luck with your purchase attempt

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    Buy them, By the way i dont know about the walgreens in everyone elses area but mine still stocks them regularly for like $14 a package....

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    Couldn't buy them tonight =/ was hanging with my friends all day. But I will tomorrow! =]

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