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    No- no- I am not talking about the Eminem song but rather losing yourself in something whether it be a book, video game, writing project, art project. Do you ever lose yourself into what your doing and forget the world around you and the hours just go by?

    And yes- I do love that song by the way-

    I only ask because lately cause I can lose myself more into different things, I've felt more relaxed and able to enjoy life. Does anyone else feel relaxed when they lose themselves in what they love doing? Tonight I lost myself into WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011 for FIVE hours. Shit, I can't remember the last time I played a game that long!

    I think the last time I did that was when I was trying to unlock things on an old Madden game for the PS1 or when I was working on my original novel that I abandoned after I learned a lot about myself.

    The other night I spent four to five hours on a drawing project whilst listening to music and the next thing I knew the sun was up! Also recently, I spent time visiting my old friend Jack Ryan whilst lying on my couch and didn't realize how far I'd gotten into my favorite novel by Tom Clancy- The Sum of All Fears. I just loved losing myself into things! It relaxes me!

    I was wondering if anyone else was like me? That they love to lose themselves into things that help them take their mind off of things?

    And if you do, what do you lose yourself into? I really want to know because I find losing myself into something to be therapeutic.


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    I just did the 5 hours on a drawing project to see the sun come up thing just 3 days ago, so yes definitely. Wish I could lose myself with studying for exams like that too. haha.

    It was such a nice feeling even despite losing on sleep that I want to get into that kind of state more often. It's very stress relieving in my opinion.

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    Babyfur RP... if it has adventure, that's even better! Video games are pretty good for this a lot of the time. TV shows are good, but that sometimes doesn't work due to commercials. Movies are sometimes better. Oh, especially sci-fi stuff... whether it's TV, movies, RP, or games.

    Sleep is another good one, but that's usually if I'm feeling really tired and/or depressed.... and I'm not sure if it really counts.

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    Hours pass like minutes when Iīm drawing/painting, and like seconds when Iīm writing.
    Itīs almost frightening.
    I usually start early in the morning, write a few sentences and/or draw some lines, look out the window and notice itīs evening...Scary......but itīs a nice feeling to just forget about everything else for some time.

    PS: I like the song too ^^

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