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Thread: Thinking about ordering for the first time...

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    Default Thinking about ordering for the first time...

    I know there are other threads about first orders but I need help deciding which diapers to order.
    I was thinking about abena supers and abri let maxis or just x- pluses.
    what do you think?
    also what kind of tapes are on the air pluses

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    The air pluses are known to have weak tapes that stretch and come undone. And as for what absorbency level, it depends on how much you usually wet in one go and how long you would be in said diaper. If you are a small wetter and tend to change soon after use, i'd say get them2's. if you are a heavy wetter but the quantity of diapers is still important to you then get them3's. if you want the best absourbency and the thickest diaper and don't care that you get less diapers per pack, then get them4's. thats the way i looked at it going through my recent first order. and them4's was originally the m4's, but i thought it'd add a southern twang if i combinated them

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    I have the M3's and I love them will probably end up ordering M4's before I finish this case.

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    I asked in my original post what type of tapes do the air pluses have, although this is a sort of keep alive post I still want to know if they're Velcro or sticky

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    The only diapers I've tried are the Tena Super Fitted and Depend Maximum Protection.

    The Tena can take quite a bit, but it is cloth backed, bulkier than the Depends and the tabs tend to slowly rip out after extended use.
    The Depends are plastic backed, and I kind of like the 3 tabs per side. You better be quick on adjusting them if you need to, because they will pull off the plastic backing if you wait too long.

    I'm picking up my first set of M4s tomorrow, I can't WAIT!

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    I have to recommend AB Universe Cushies or Super Dry Kids.

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    I really don't want to go for the designer stuff, and I'm really thinking Abena. I just still can't decide which ones to get

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    What is more important to you, how many diapers you have or how much each diaper can absorb? It is a simple balance of quality/quantity. If you would rather have more diapers that are less absorbent then get M2's. if you want the best protection and the thickest diaper but don't care about getting less, then get the M4's. If you want a balance of the 2, Get the M3's. all you have to do is ask yourself what you want out of a diaper

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    thanks cali.bear, but I think I'll get this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I guess I'll decide which ones I like the best after I've gone through a few each of them

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    Whoa, big spender up in here. But trying the full range of products isn't a bad idea, you'll definitively find something outta that order that's right for you.

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