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Thread: Drawing manga textures/backgrounds?

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    Default Drawing manga textures/backgrounds?

    I'm starting a manga, and after all the other manga comics I've read, I've realized the most beautifully drawn ones always include a complex pattern of some kind in the background or to show different textures on items.

    I Googled how to make those textures a little while ago, and found this really interesting program that adds those textures for you by simply clicking your mouse. But now I've forgotten what I Googled, what the program was called, and I forgot to bookmark the page. And now I can't find it again.

    In case you don't know what I'm talking about, here are some examples:

    The stone door in front of Link.

    Link's boots.

    Raul's (the old guy) armor.

    (Excellent example here) Ganondorf's cape.

    The space behind Link's head at the top. And Zelda's clothing at the bottom right.

    So I'm here asking if you guys know about any program that can make those types of patterns/textures. Or of any tips on making those patterns easier to draw with a simple pencil?

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    The fairly simple patterns you link to used to be done by manually. When I heard it referred to by other comics fans, it was Zip-A-Tone. I don't know anything about it past just being a comics fan but looking for Zip-A-Tone led here: Screentone - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia which may provide you some worthwhile clues. In addition, maybe this will spark a memory from someone else.

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