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    Hello all.

    I was wondering who, here, Knows the caramelldansen and their opinion about this song.

    If you don't know what I'm talking about, there's a link:
    YouTube - Leo & Aeris Caramell dansen

    be careful before clicking it, this song could be really hard to delete from your mind.

    Anyway, a bit of history:
    This song is from a Swedish band Called Caramel, and is the first track of the album "Supergott" released in 2001.
    His genre is "Bubblegum dance" (same genre as Barbie girl from Aqua). The most famous version is called "caramelldansen Speedcake remix" (version of the video)
    It becomes famous when used for a flash animation with 2 character of the Japanese novel "popotan", and become an internet meme in 2006

    I, unfortunately, have discovered it on SL, because there is played everywhere, and it's sticky in my mind.

    What are your opinions about it? Do you know another song like this, hard to delete from your mind? Do you think the Llama song is better?

    Please opinions.

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    ****** someone CLOSE THIS HORRIBLE HORRIBLE thread! and target: get into rehab! you must never ever ever listen to that song again!

    no seriously... I hate it...

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    I find the song annoying, very annoying!

    And the animated cartoon characters that bend from one side to the other for 4 minutes are even more annoying. It looks like the work of a 5 year old!


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    I like it. Yeah.

    Srsly. I think it's cute.

    Don't feel like having to type-up a elongated explanation why but I find some amusement seeing whether not my favored fictional characters have featured in caramelldansen video.

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    To be perfectly honest...this Caramell Dansen song is terribly annoying. Now if it was Camels Dancin' it'd be much better!

    The Llama Song is a much better song :P

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    Shodai you little shit, Digimon is xdeadx and I's thing!

    Anyway... uhhh...

    I love Caramelldansen.

    But for a literal translation to English....

    We wonder are you ready to join this
    Arms up now you'll see
    Come an
    Anyone can do this

    So move on your feet
    and wiggle your hips
    Do as we do
    To this melody

    Dance with us
    Clap your hands
    Do like we do
    Take some steps to the left
    Listen and learn
    Don't miss the chance
    We're here now with
    The Caramelldance (sweets dance)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    Shodai you little shit, Digimon is xdeadx and I's thing!
    STFU pixel prick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shodai View Post
    STFU pixel prick.
    .... BAAAAAAAAWWW! MY EGOOOOO :cryhankie:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drew View Post
    .... BAAAAAAAAWWW! MY EGOOOOO :cryhankie:

    ****, I wasted my 500th post on you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shodai View Post
    ****, I wasted my 500th post on you.

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