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Thread: How many Wettings?

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    Default How many Wettings?

    I am currently wearing an Abena S4 and already 2 wettings in ... these were not the largest wettings, but does anyone have an idea how many it can hold?

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    Capacity is rated in ounces or milliliters. The amount you wet the diapers will determine how many wettings it will hold. Other variables such as the position of your body, the time between wettings, and the amount per wetting will have an effect on the number the diaper will hold. I am just guessing that an S4 might hold between 60 and 70 ounces - that's a lot. I extrapolated that number from XP Medicals tests, which on done on Medium size diapers.

    Adult Diaper Review and Testing

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    with abenas the wetness indicator is usually a good indication of how much more it can handle depending on how you are positioned when you wet. if you are standing/ walking its when most of the bottom and front are saturated and the indicator turns green. also the abenas usually keep me dry feeling till just before the maximum capacity is reached so if you are feeling wet its a good time to change especially if you are planning on sitting down.

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    I am just about to make it 3 ... lets see how it feel after this one ha ha

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    it held

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    Usually when it comes to multiple wettings in a diaper, it is a very hard thing to gauge, however there are some factors to take into account that can save your self from leaking,

    Firstly, the wicking away of liquid is important, make sure your allowing the wetting to spread out fully with in the diapers absorbent layers , that will greatly reduce your risk of leaking and maximize your capacity, and also if possible try not to flood any diaper, i have found that even when at capacity, if you do not flood a disposable diaper that was put on securely and tightly, it will retain more then it was intended to, as long as you dont apply to much pressure to it =D

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