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Thread: Ever have a diaper 'weep' ?

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    Default Ever have a diaper 'weep' ?

    SO. I'm wearing Cushies for the first time.

    Anyway, so I was wearing the plastic backed cushies tonight. After I wet them a few times I noticed a wet spot when I stood up. Now, this wasn't a normal wet spot from the legs or what not. There was just a few drops on the sofa from the center of the diaper. Kind of weird. The diaper wasn't split and it wasn't wet enough to be leaking yet.

    Any one else seen this in their diapers?

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    Yep Ive had the same issue with ABUs. Wont buy them until they make the plastic thicker.

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    Yeah, I've had similar things happen. Not with ABU's, but with others I've flooded. If the waterproofing isn't good enough and pressure directs the wetness in the right areas, it's possible it could leak anywhere. Although, one thing I've learned is that how well you diaper yourself makes a BIG difference and you could always use a stuffer. Since Cushies are designed to have specific aesthetics and are "custom" it reduces their effectiveness compared to premiums, but they should still work pretty well unless you really flood them.

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    That is a condition known as "Pinholes"

    It is caused by the Sodium Polyacrylate crystals coming in contact with the plastic backing. When the diapers are compressed to fit their packaging, the crystals punch through the back-sheet. A lot of the time, this will not even have a noticeable effect on the performance, however.

    With ABU Super Dry Kids, I noticed the same issue is quite bad. Probably the worst I've ever seen, personally. Dry24/7's seem to have the problem, currently, although it varies. Abena's used to in mid 2010. Abena has since corrected the issue, and the most recent ones are packed looser now, therefore avoiding the issue.

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    I have had similar issues in the past with other brands, 2010 to 2011 I had a bad batch of abenas with pinhole leaks and have had the issue with a dry24/7. as AbenaLeaf said above its an issue with the absorbent crystals poking little holes in the plastic backing when they are compressed, you can usually tell if its bad enough by running your hand along the outer layer of plastic if you feel the little crystals poking through extra protection is a good idea.

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