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Thread: Abandoned Places & Urban Exploration

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    Default Abandoned Places & Urban Exploration

    Since this thread is closed,

    I thought it would be nice to bring back it in a new form!! What is your take on abandoned places, no matter what that place is? Also, what is your take on exploring them, often referred to as urban exploration?

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    I never done it myself since most of the time all the cool places would be illegal to enter. Plus I have no one to do it with, a rule I heard a lot of is go with someone else for a multitude of reasons. The scariest being accidentally closing a door and locking yourself on a roof or inside somewhere with nothing more then a flashlight and camera and no cell service.

    I still like this site a lot and it has photo's of old mental asylum's where there are still cages to hold adults. Though to some of us they look more like cribs. think those are at Fulton California. Well the pictures of them, either way their ALL creepy. Opacity - Abandoned Photography and Urban Exploration

    The crib photo's are here. Just scroll down. Disturbed - Photographs of the Abandoned Fuller State School and Hospital at Opacity

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    I live a hop skip and soaky jump away from the Bunny man Bridge. Some place in Virginia that is supposedly haunted. Honestly I love secluded little places, though abandoned has always wrung out in my head as "stranger danger" or something up until recently.

    If you travel through the inner harbor of Baltimore, you'll see a bunch of abandoned homes, many of which are unlocked/open. It's sort of like walking through a ghost town, sans the occasional homeless person (and some of them even wear diapers. long story short)

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    Fire, the site you just linked, it is one of my favorite places to go to for pictures & stories on this topic!! I love Opacity & the photos on there too!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icey View Post
    Fire, the site you just linked, it is one of my favorite places to go to for pictures & stories on this topic!! I love Opacity & the photos on there too!!
    Ueah, we've discussed the site before in a topic you or I made pretty much exactly simular to this one. Mott's takes some amazing photos.

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    Urban exploration was a huge part of my life in college. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say I was lucky to graduate. (That can be interpreted a number of different ways, and they'd all be correct. ) Nowadays, though I still count myself an urban explorer and have an online presence in UE circles, the fire has mostly gone out of my real-life explorer persona. I think that comes with having a career and a family. Dangerous or otherwise risky hobbies suddenly feel very selfish!

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    I have done a little bit but unfortunately there aren't a whole lot of places to explore around here. The best I have done is explored an old apartment building my dads company was contracted to demo and a few old houses.

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    It's always somewhat intrigued me, but I haven't actually done much exploring. The most interesting place I've ever been is a small housing estate attached to a decomissioned RAF base in Nottinghamshire - accommodation for servicemen. Relatively new houses, playground, etc - just abandoned and left to rot. Eerie. And such a waste. And of course, there are still small concrete pillboxes scattered over the landscape from WWII.

    This might be of interest - Home - Subterranea Britannica. It deals mainly with British WWII and Cold War facilities.

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    I LOVE Abandoned places.... I'm deaf so I can't explore them alone and I don't know anyone that's into them too and would go with me
    I have however seen several on the outside tho awhile by myself or with someone that refuses to go any closer lol Thanks for the links! lol I just opened a new tab window on my browser to check them out later.
    At least thats as close I can get inside!! I have always been into that stuff.... Its sad at times Some places makes you wonder what happened. Why was such a nice looking place left to rot like that??

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    I used to do it with some friends when I was 16-17. I saw the hidden part of Paris catacombs and a few factories in Normandy and in the North of France.

    The factories was fun. We just needed not to get caught. But the catacombs were actually pretty dangerous :/ but interesting.

    I stopped because I moved out in the South of France but my friends kept doing it a bit. The thing I would have wanted to do with them was a WWII nazi facilities where V2 rockets were supposed to be launch to England. The place was wrecked but still...
    I may have a few pictures at my parents house, I'll try to post them here if I found them...

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