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Thread: How to regress when there's people around?

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    Default How to regress when there's people around?

    Ok so for spring break my cousin is coming to visit. I don't even like this cousin just because he's a year younger, and completely infatuated with me. Any way my problem is he stresses me out soooo much that I get really irritated. I also get my self into trouble because I lose my temper. So do you have any suggestions on how to relax without getting caught. Or even ways that don't include baby things. Any advice would be greatly appretiated.

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    Hide? Feign illness?

    Never easy to relax when there's people around who wind you up, especially baby things which you probably wouldn't want your cousin finding out about.....?

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    It might be wise to put the baby stuff aside for a bit while your cousin visits. You don't want that out in the open, I'm guessing. That said, even when you're surrounded by stressful people, there are ways to relax. Try and carve out a little time to yourself to do the things you want to do, whatever they may be. Time without others around always relaxes me, and it should be possible to get a little time away from the cousin (I hope so, anyway!)

    Also, when I'm falling asleep at night, I find it easier to fall into a "little" mindset. Even without the use of diapers or baby stuff, when I'm sleepy I find myself slipping into a babyish state way more quickly. Try it; you may be able to get a bit of regression time in that way (provided you're not sharing a bed, which would really suck).

    How long's the visit for, by the way? I know how irritating these sorts of visits can be. Good luck!

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    Well I obviously don't want to use the baby stuff no. But I was wondering if you have any advice on wearing covert like lol sadly I am sharing a bed (with my sister) she knows but doesn't really like it and alllllll of spring break! Which totally sucks cuz I won't get to relax at all during the last break before summer :p

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    I agree with the above posters; put the paraphernalia away and try to regress mentally moreso, if that makes sense.

    Watch movies that make you feel little (if your cousin asks, just say you like the movie; nothing suspicious about enjoying a film)

    Wear your baby clothing (if you have any) under your clothing, but nothing like diapers or anything that makes noise, more like onesies if you have any

    On the occasion that you really want to regress, go to the bathroom or a closet, lock the door and play with your toys and whatnot in there; I know it sounds silly, but you're less likely to be bothered in there than in your bedroom

    Also, if your cousin really irritates you, just avoid him the best that you can. If you feel short-tempered, walk away. Step outside until you calm down, then go watch a movie or play a game or something. Good luck!

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    Thanks! That helps alot I never thought of those ideas

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