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    Default Hey =D

    I'm J, 20, male, long time lurker first time poster
    I'M a DL and sometimes AB when I'm in the mood. My fav diapers are Goodnites, the girls kind with flowers on them, that i wear in public when I'm feeling daring and good old fashioned cloth with plastic panties when i have the time.
    I'm here just to soak it all in; view other peoples opinions, likes and dislikes, and knowledge.
    My hobbies are building computers, video games, and reading; I'm a nerd at heart but I've grown to embrace and cherish it, just like wearing diapers.
    No matter what anyone thinks or says I will always keep doing what I love to do.

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    Welcome to the site. With regard to the Goodnites, I hope you're wearing pants over those when you're out and about. Anyway, nothing wrong with reading more than posting if that's how you're wired, but I hope you'll decide to chip in with a post now and again while you're soaking up all our knowledge

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    Hello, new person and welcome...

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    Hey. Welcome to ADISC. If it is knowledge you seek, then you've come to the right place, but it's also a lot of fun here. I hope you enjoy it.

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