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Thread: So, what's up with you all?

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    Default So, what's up with you all?

    Hello everyone.

    I know there's a lot of new faces around here, so I'll make a short introduction (seeing as my old account is gone, along with my postcount, rep and all, horrid!).

    My name is Kuzzy, I'm 18 years old (soon 19, I mind you), male guy from Sweden. I've been around TBDL for a few years now, but have lost contact with most of it since my education took off six months ago. I was utterly devestated to see the tech had messed up and deleted the mervelous library TBDL was, but I am glad to see the new forum up and running again.

    Since last autumn I'm a pilot student, going for a CPL (Commercial Pilots License) and thus most of my free time goes to grabbing some air or with my nose buried in books. Other interests include playing computer games, cooking, writing, drawing anthropomorphic animals or just spending time with freinds and my girlfriend.

    The reason to me being back here again, is that I want to hear what I've been missing out on! What's been going on with Kraiden, Peach, Titus, Chilly, Charlie, Moo... all of the (other as well) great people I miss so dearly! And all of the new people, that I miss that I didn't get to know so dearly. Please, can someone just pop in and tell me how you are and how life is going for you?

    Take care everyone, Kuzzers will try to stay for awhile this time =).

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    You missed me in that username list of yours.

    I'm fine by the way. Welcome back Kuzzy.

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    Oh, matey, don't take it too hard regarding the userlist! I was just blubbering out users!

    Glad to hear it, thank you !

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    That's fine!

    "grabbing some air or with my nose in some books."
    When I first gandered your introduction I read that sentence without the 'or' for a moment I thought you must have been a bloody good pilot to fly while simulateously reading.

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    Heyas Kuzzy! It's great to hear from you, I was a bit worried that if you had found the new forums or not, so I'm definitely happy to see you dropping by here again. : )
    I'm doing fairly well, thank you. Can't really complain, at least not out loud. :P
    How have you been these late times yourself?
    I've also missed you lots, and I'm a 110 percent certain that I'm not alone in doing so!

    I'm looking forwards to be reading your posts on the forum once again. =)

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    Glad to see you (and glad to be in the list :p)!

    I'm also fine! I'm morphing dwarfs: One minute I'm happy, then I'm grumpy, then I'm sleepy. :p (I've been waiting forever to use that phrase!)

    How's Kuzzy doing?

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    OMG KUZZY, thank god! I missed you! We need your wisdom by our side!

    post post post


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    It is great to have you back. Lemme see, I have a list of my favorite posters from the old days whose return I am waiting on... Yay your name is crossed off.

    Here's a letter I wrote Chilly on his return... I hope it might be helpful to you...

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    Hello Kuzzy, I do remember you but never actually met you on TBDL so, hello! Anyways welcome back, and I hope to see you around. That is cool you are becoming a pilot, a fun job although with some pretty big risks involved! I am sure the benefits out way the rare negative risks though!

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    welcome back. I think i remember you out of the few thousand members.

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