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    If some diaper is good, then it must follow that more diaper is better.

    Over time I'm wearing better diapers, mostly as they have become available. I used to wear Abena X-Plus (Number 4) around the house and to bed. Away from the home I wore the Number 2 thickness. Before I found Abena diapers I wore Molicare, and before that cloth. Currently I'm wearing Dry 24/7 at home, and the X-Plus outside. The Abena Super, or any "less" of a diaper, now feels inadequate. What has changed is my perception. And it's easy to rationalize that if wearing some quality of a diaper is good, then it follows that wearing a better quality - more absorbent - diaper must be better.

    What's up with that?

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    I think my brain just exploded...

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    I'm going to go with food is good but an excess will make you obese and eventually kill you just because it's good doesn't mean more is better

    I think you're treating diapers like an addiction, you started small and got bigger as the fix you had didn't satisfy you enough. Your blasting through to bigger and bigger fixes and when you hit the top all that's going to happen is you'll plunge and purge and start this cycle again. I think from the way you sound 'make it a treat' is a good way to go; use less frequently and when you do it'll feel that much better.

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    I wonder how much is DL-related and how much is practical, or functional. I like having to change diapers less frequently and having the protection and peace of mind premium diapers allow. And there's that more-is-better thing going on. And I get accustomed to wearing better diapers and come to expect that. Still, there's the DL dynamic. It's a blend, I'm sure.

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