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Thread: School/diapers advise

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    Ok, I know some of these questions have been asked but, anyone's feed back would be great. I was in class and the instructor calls students to the board to do math problems. First is, I get anxiety so bad In front of people and I will freeze up doing problems like that. Secondly, I'm wearing the new Bambinos and they're not as quiet. I have a learning disability already. I spoke with the instructor after the class and explained my learning disability and he was understanding to it and said no prob let me know what he can do to help. Also, I mentioned I was incontinent and I'm not comfortable getting in front of others due to that and privacy issue, other students may notice. I said if this presents a problem with my participation in class please let me know. He seemed ok and said no prob. I don't want to wear plastic pants and underwear to try to quiet the diaper down. That's too much and will be very uncomfortable....ugh! I did not expect that in my math class on the first day. My last one was not like that at all. Did I handle it right??

    Thank you to anyone taking the time to read this and respond back.

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    Wait your 41 and still going to school???

    In response to your question I don't think it could have been handled much better.

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    Yes I'm 41 and back in school to finally get a degree. I'm out of work and I figured this is a better time then any. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to respond. I had worn sweats and I was covered up good but if I were to have to go to the board and you listened you could hear the krinkeling. Thank god I didn't have to! I was freaking out!!!

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    I would assume this class is at a local community college. Many people with learning disabilities do continue their education, and that's a good thing. Also, hats off to the instructor for his willingness to understand the situation. So with that, I'll try to answer the question.

    A school setting is not going to be like the work place. It will be more casual, especially in a class with adults. Many people carry their own baggage from life's issues, so the incontinence may not be such a big deal, as long as it is managed properly. I wouldn't bother with the plastic pants, or underwear. First, test the reliability of your garment when you're at home. You don't want to take chances with it failing. If it holds the capacity, then you can wear one to class to do your problem on the chalk board. You can also carry an extra one in your bag, preferably in a separate compartment. If you do have an accident, then hopefully you will have enough protection to contain it. After the event, just calmly, and quietly go to the restroom to do your swap. Never mention anything, and nobody will care.

    As a rule: Wear sufficient protection. Keep it as discrete as possible. Map out the restrooms. Plan for the worst, but hope for the best. Good luck!

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    Kudos to you for going back to school at 41. Never stop learning! I wish you all the best.

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    Well, BP, let me tell you adult education is a fine thing. congratulations on getting back on the path! good luck.
    as far as the diaper goes, just wear them and go with it. I'd say even get up every once in a while and work out a problem on the board. Doing one you know can make you feel better about yourself and being up in front of people can do wonders for your social skills.
    Again, don't worrk again about the diapers. even if they make noise no one is going to connect the dots. people will just think you have some paper or ketchup packets in your pocket!

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    I agree with onikitsune, no one ever really connects the dots, or are simply otherwise occupied with other thoughts.

    How ever i do believe that if bambinopants is inherently nervous and paranoid due to other factors as well as about others discovering their diapers, then they may begin to act nervous and therefore draw more attention to themselves then is necessary. Which can in turn lead one to believe a discovery of diapers is being inferred by others, but to counter act this I believe confidence is key. If you continue about your business as if nothing is out of place then you give other peoples thoughts and speculations less time for consideration.

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    Honestly talking to the professor is the best thing to do, they'll help you out and are willing to listen to students who have certain problems that may affect their performance in class and aren't going to judge you or anything. If there was anything else you could have done I certainly can't think of it.

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    I've thought about wearing to school, but as I sit next to a coworker in class, I don't want to risk that...

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