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Thread: Medical Training

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    Default Medical Training

    Does anyone here have any kind of medical training? Doctor, nurse, medical assistant, pharmacist, lab tech, anything?

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    I seen a few members give out advice like they were. Personally I have none but I might take up psychology which is sort of health.

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    If by medical training, you mean that one is trained in CPR and the like. Yes. I was a medic for Red Cross once. It was quite fun, to say the very least.

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    First Aid and CPR here.

    Luckily haven't put it to good use yet.

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    I do! Well, working on it. Studying to be a Clinical Lab Tech. I'll test specimens ( urine and blood mostly, but semen, phlegm, stool, bone marrow, etc also), so I won't really see the patients. So far I can use the Pointe 180 machine to test urine for protein ( and now learning to test for other things, the protein is just the basic test).

    And I currently work in the CLT/ Chem lab at the college where I go to school. I make the media (the gel stuff in petri dishes), make bacterial specimens for the students to look at under the microscope, autoclave the biohazardous wastes, and wash dishes. But I've learned aseptic techniques and how to clean things properly, which is a thing that I'll already know on the other class. Sort of a head start ^_^.

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    I just know some Psychology, and common sense type medical knowledge

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    I worked as a home health care person, for 10 years, takeing care of my mom, and If I were younger, and had a better education, I would have went into the health care feild.

    There is alot of money to be made doing this professionaly, and I try to convince younger people in my family to do this but they all think I'm crazy, if there is one thing this world will always have is sick people to care for, makeing this a great job, with a future.

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    I have received self-aid and buddy care training which includes CPR, general first aid techniques, bullet wound field treatment, and NBC field training. Just think, all of this training only takes a couple hours each year, and CPR is a half day every 2 years. The self-aid is the only portion practiced regularly.

    In case of emergency, I call someone else.

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    I took a first aid course in order to become a blackbelt in kickboxing.
    I think I know CRP (we may call it something else?).

    That's it, unless you count stuff I learnt in biology.

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