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    I'm not sure if there's already a thread on this subject, aside to say that I haven't started one; I did try searching and couldn't find anything along the same lines, so here goes...

    Right, i've been of the opinion for years that I can't hear properly, particuarly in my right ear, probably some kind of birth defect along with my defective eyesight, etc.

    This was never taken seriously by anyone, parents and the medical proffession included; it was always attributed to every other possible conceivable explanation imaginable, such as "growing pains" (wtf?), "temporary development issues", and even, and I like this one, "stress related conditions"...

    Well, after years of trying to get this sorted, i've eventually got somewhere (I think, anyway). It seems that the attitudes of GPs really do vary across the country, i've had alot more success getting medical issues resolved here than anywhere else i've lived.

    My GP is of the opinion that i'm right; i'm awaiting an ENT referral (can't get a direct audiologist refferal, as i'm under 60, lol), where it will be looked into further.

    However, this may actually confirm the (from my perspective), inevitable, but i'm scared, really scared. The only thing that scares me more is going blind (thankfully, my eyesight is actually improving), but I mean, what if its progressive? What if I go completely deaf?

    Atm, it only seems to be the right-ear which is problematic; the left-ear is not perfect, but is almost normal. However, this is worse in some respects, as it means there's a quiet audible difference between the two, everything sounds distorted, out of phase, etc - and I was almost run over twice today because I didn't hear vehicles approaching!

    So yeah, i'm scared, and scared, and scared; I know this may sound pathetic, but this is quite a big deal to me.

    Is anyone else here deaf/hearing impaired? Can anyone suggest any advice? Anything would be appreciated, particuarly anyone in the UK who's been through the whole NHS audiology procedure type thing...

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    Can't help you on the referral process. Or the eyesight but the hearing I can relate to... sorta. I'm a tuba and trumpet player and I lead a section of 11 trumpets and 4 tubas. I get instruments blown into my ear for 90 minutes everyday for the past 4 years. I have lost hearing. But it's nothing medical so sorry to spam the post.

    Now to my understanding someone does make a hearing aid that looks like a bluetooth headset. I will try to find the link.

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    Sometimes I think I have bad hearing, but I've passed hearing tests just fine...My eyesight isn't that good though, and it's worse every year...I just hope that I don't go blind, because then I'd probably try to kill myself...

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    Ya, I'm hearing impaired, the one thing is that they are most likely gonna check out you hearing capabilities with sound tests (really boring stuff) they stick you into this small sound proof room, put a head set on you, then play sounds at different pitches and frequencies into your ears, one ear at a time, every time you hear a sound, you push a button that they give you to hold, which tells them that you heard it, then they compare the results of your test to those of normal hearing. If it is warranted, which I think will happen, they will recommend that you wear a hearing aid in your one ear, but the ITC which fits in your ear canal to the point wear you can hardly see it if your worry about people seeing it (I don't know why people are scared of other people seeing it). But nothing to worry about, I highly doubt it is getting worse.

    They have a couple versions:

    ITE (In the ear)- which is the first one in the pic, and then you have BTE which are the other two, I have BTE for both ears, as I'm pretty deaf and the BTE are more powerful, but I like the BTE, as I got mine in blue like the one in the pic, as well as blue molds for my ears, pretty cool. And then they have ITC: (In the Canal), which is completely in the canal like so...

    As stanfordhawks was saying, I haven't seen one that looks like bluetooth, but about that, hearing aids are becoming bluetooth compatible for phones, MP3 players, head sets, listen to music and online radio stations via your computer, and anything else that you need to stick into you ears. I have to take mine in for a repair, as one of mine was stepped on and the clear tube was snapped off of the unit, and I have to get mine operating with blutooth.

    This is what makes it bluetooth compatible which goes around your neck...

    And to me, it's always fun watching people while lip reading, lol, esp. when they are telling people secrets, lmao

    And that's that. Nothing to be scared of, even though it may be a bit intimidating at first.
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    Ok here is the bluetooth one. I just can't find one for the UK. hearing aid
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    I'm just slightly deaf. Can't hear high frequencies that I know other people my age can hear, and should be able to hear. Sometimes I have to ask people to speak up or repeat something, even though I should be able to hear them clearly. Have had 6 ear operations to boot.

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    I know I have hearing issues. But mine are weird.

    It's like... I can't hear people who talk low, and I read lips quite a bit. But I also don't like loud nosies. Unless I CHOOSE it. I can listen to my tv loud, or my music... but if someone starts yelling, or talking loud, or turns their stuff up loud then it really bothers me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    But I also don't like loud nosies. Unless I CHOOSE it. I can listen to my tv loud, or my music... but if someone starts yelling, or talking loud, or turns their stuff up loud then it really bothers me.
    Last I checked Mandi, that's not abnormal. I don't like loud things unless I want something to be loud. Don't lose a lot of sleep over it.

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    I understand your fears... and I'd be scared to... but these are fascinating modern times we live in... and there is a range of technology available to help you hear should you have a problem. If it is simply a hearing problem in one ear then you can get a hearing aid... millions of people have them... and the sophistication level is simply amazing. My stepdad sells hearing aids to doctors offices all through the south eastern USA. I've seen some of the product and they are pretty cool.

    Even if you do end up going completely deaf... it's not the end of the world. Deaf culture and Sign Language is a very interesting thing... there are millions of deaf people worldwide who live a perfectly good life. I don't know all that much about it... but I have been to a few events with members of the local deaf community and I can tell you they are genuinely good people. LuvsGurl has studied American Sign Language and Deaf Culture pretty extensively... I will refer her to this thread to provide further information.

    Perhaps you should consider doing some reading and learning more about the deaf culture over in your neck of the woods?

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    I have an older brother who was a carpenter for years, he has hearing damage and refuses to wear a hearing aid, so we have to yell at him at times.

    I have a little damage for raceing, but I do hear well enough, and take precautions when around noisy equipment, I noticed since I lived where I do now, other people in the neighborhood wearing ear protection when cutting grass or working with equipment, and I know they didn't wear it before, I used to get the looks when I was out rideing my mower like, look at that nut with the ear phones on, but they are all weaing them now.

    I wish you well with your tests, I'm sure they can help you minimize your hearing loss in the future, by acting now. Good Luck...B

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