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  • cigarettes

    38 30.65%
  • dip

    5 4.03%
  • snus

    2 1.61%
  • cigar

    19 15.32%
  • pipe

    11 8.87%
  • none

    67 54.03%
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Thread: any tobacco users?

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    Default any tobacco users?

    first of all if your under 18 you should'nt be using tobacco and i am not encouraging the use of it. just wondering how many people here use it because i'm bored.
    i started dipping a few months ago because all the work in college was stressing me out, but i'm already trying to quit since its almost over. tried smoking cigs but i hate the smell that stays on your clothes.

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    Butterfly Mage


    i tried tobacco a fre times in college but it seemed expensove and pointless. My mom is also dying of lung disease and likely has only a few weeks left before she dies.

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    Tobacco kills. My mom smoked cigarettes for three years, then her lung literally got a hole in it and collapsed. She was hospitalized for two weeks, had surgery, and wasn't fully recovered for a year and a half. I will NEVER touch any tobacco or other drug.

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    My dad had a Laranetome. Due to Smoking dip and drinking. So he breath out of his neck. My mom, Brother and sister still smoke. Other then my dad who had to quit smoking I am the only non smoker in the family.

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    I only smoke passively and I really enjoy it. The whole exprience of rolling a smoke lighting it and then just shooting the shit with a few mates.

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    I have never used any tobacco product and never will. It is all so bad for your health anyway, and expensive.

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    I used to smoke cigarettes

    I now use an electronic cigarette
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    I've been a regular smoker for years not, but my other half has urged me to quit so i've recently tried this and let me just say , im hooked and i've'nt looked back, they are great for nicotine and the sensation of smoking (which im truly addicted to , oral fixation) and this allows me to satisfy my love and cravings wit out the death and stink!

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