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Thread: Ford, Chevy, Other, or Don't care?

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    Default Ford, Chevy, Other, or Don't care?

    I'm curious as to what everyone likes.... Personally i dont really care, i like them all but i guess i like Ferrari more.

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    You put ford and chevy, then lump everything else under "other"?

    If this is a comparison between ford and chevy,, then its alright (speicify better maybe) or if its just a poll seeing what people's favorite brand is then you need to put some more options

    Out of the two, I like ford better.

    Overall, Hmm....I can't say I have a favorite, Well, Maybe Jeep since I have always loved them, but, Of the manufacturer's, I like the engine lineup the best from BMW and Ford. For the individual cars Id go with Audi for the full lineup

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    I have been driving a Chevy car, and in the 12 years of it's existence it hasn't given major problems. Of course, just the small maintenance issues, but what car doesn't? I trust GM more than any other manufacturer at this point. I don't really care about cars that much. I'm just saying it after seeing other cars come and go, but the Chevy stay.

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    Land Rover all the way.They arnt the fastest or best built but I love them. I do own a ford too as a daily drive to save fuel.

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    Chevrolet, Panoz, Dodge and similar muscle-cars, I don't mind a Porsche either

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    I'd say Ford, but in England Chevvys are rebadged Daewoos

    I like the new Fiesta, however the current Focus is dull as crap to look at as is the Mondeo

    I really like retro cars that aren't supercars, like the 205 GTI, Mini Cooper, Ford Escort RS2000 mark 2 from the 1970s and stuff like that

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    Butterfly Mage


    For me, the dichotomy is "hybrid vs non-hybrid". Once you get 50 MPG you can never go back.

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    Cars huh?.....Well, I like the ones with.... um.... you know... four wheels and..... windows and.... stuff..... yeah, I donīt really care ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orcaway View Post
    You put ford and chevy, then lump everything else under "other"?
    I thought the same. It's like asking

    American ADISCers, what state do you live in?
    1) California
    2) Utah
    3) Somewhere else
    Not to mention OP's answer was Ferrari, which wasn't even one of the choices.


    As for the American big 3, I don't have any particular favorite. Though I do give them a boost because they build cars with union labor.

    If I could have any car, I'd get a Rolls-Royce. Sports cars are nice, but let's face that they're wholly impractical.

    As for a car I could probably afford one day, I'd like to get a Jaguar.

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