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Thread: Enjoyment of vs. Need for diapers

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    Default Enjoyment of vs. Need for diapers

    I've been slapped with reality lately. As many of you, I've desired to wear and enjoyed wearing diapers since shortly after physical need of them.

    I have, however, had a scare recently. For reasons unknown, my bowels have decided to rebel. Twice in as many weeks I've had bowel movements with no warning. It left me anxious and concerned. Should I find myself in need of diapers it will make work miserable. It is already uncomfortably hot in regular clothing.

    Beyond that, would the need of diapers kill my enjoyment of them? Any of you familiar with my posts will know that I am on the hard limit side against using a diaper in this fashion, thus the occurrence without anything to protect my clothing and dignity was unsettling to say the least.

    I hope this is some random issue and not the beginning of problems.

    I would seek advice from those of you with issues that render use of diapers a necessity. Does the utility adversely affect your opinion of wearing them? Are their ways to deal with excessive heat and stagnant heat? Not to be more blunt than necessary but sweat dripping down my diaper area with no air flow or easy way to scratch the all to familiar itchy scrotum or butt cheek sounds like someones idea of torture to me.
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