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Thread: Smoking and wetting

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    Default Smoking and wetting

    I smoke between 5-10 cigarettes a day. I have read that it contributes to bedwetting. I was wondering how many others smoke? When I am more stressed I have more problems with wetting and my smoking helps with the stress. Looks like a no win situation.

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    Cigarettes don't do you any good, but I can't see how they'd have anything to do with bedwetting tbh

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    Nicotine may have an effect on the detrouser(spelling?) muscle.

    I use an electronic cigarette, and I notice I do get more bladder spasms since I started. The spasms may be caused by the nicotine causing the detrouser muscle to freak out a bit.

    That may be why they say you wet more if you smoke.

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    Cigarettes cause adrenaline levels to increase (I think the nicotine causing your brain to be flooded by serotonin does this) which can cause your (bladder) sphincter to relax which can lead to wetting yourself. It's the same thing when people get so scared they wet themselves, it's the adrenaline that causes it. The adrenaline may also cause your bladder to spasm more as well. Although anything you do that messes with the natural order of your biology (whether it's smoking, drinking, or doing other drugs) probably increases the chances of a "malfunction" to happen (such as wetting yourself). I'm not a doctor so this all based on the little I know about biology and the amount of adrenaline increase from smoking probably isn't enough to make that big of a difference, but it still probably makes it more likely that you may experience wetting.

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    And I thought the yellow stains from smoking were only on your fingers!

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    I smoke a pack per day, but I've wet bed for my whole life. Nowadays I'm fully incontinent, but I think it's cause I started wearing 24/7 and not cause of smoking.

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    When i used to smoke cigs it would cause me to relax and pass BM's more then wetting and it actually got to the point where i wanted to BM if i had any in me when ever i smoked a cig, if i had diapers on there was absolutely no holding it.

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    I smoke but I have only have had issues with IC because of an accident

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    Not that i'm aware of it. I smoke but i don't get such issues. And even when i'm more wired up during work, i tend to smoke more, but there is no change in my trips to the washroom.

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    I'm from a smoking generation and certainly there never was a connection between smoking and incontinence. Can't you just see that disclaimer being added to packs of cigarettes. If it was the case, it certainly would be mentioned in all the anti-smoking adds. Also, almost everyone on this site would suddenly start smoking....teehee.

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